Software Developers And Dentists Top List Of Best Jobs In U.S.According to U.S. News & World Report's annual list of the 100 best jobs in America, software developers topped the list with a median salary of $100,080 and over 250,000 projected jobs available this year.
Parasite In Cat Poop May Make Humans More Business Savvy, Study SaysA new study is claiming all that cat poop may actually be making some owners more business-savvy entrepreneurs.
Private Messaging Apps Increasingly Used For Public BusinessWhether communications on those platforms should be part of the public record is a growing but unsettled debate in states across the country.
Gas Prices Remain Steady With Average Of $3.01 Per GallonThe average price of regular-grade gasoline in the U.S. has remained relatively steady for the past three weeks with a national average of $3.01 per gallon.
Bandera Closing Its Sacramento LocationBandera is closing its doors after 20 years in business.
Trump Presidential Campaign Spent More Than $150,000 On AmazonPresident Donald Trump's presidential campaign spent more than $150,000 on purchases from Amazon, the company now facing his ire amid claims it doesn't pay its fair share of shipping costs and taxes.
Dunkin' Without The 'Donuts': New Store Tests Shorter NameDunkin' without the Donuts? A new Dunkin' Donuts store opening in the Boston suburb of Quincy is giving the idea a try, at least in name.
Retailers Confident About Shopper Spending This Christmas SeasonExperts have issued rosy forecasts for the season. Shoppers seem to be in the mood as unemployment is at 17-year low and consumer sentiment has reached its highest level since 2000.
Bitcoin Futures Rise As Virtual Currency Hits Major ExchangeThe first-ever bitcoin future jumped after it began trading Sunday as the increasingly popular virtual currency made its debut on a major U.S. exchange.
Trump Attacks CEOs Who Left His Jobs CouncilPresident Donald Trump is blasting the CEOs who resigned from his manufacturing jobs council in the wake of the violence stemming from a white supremacist rally this past weekend in Charlottesville.
Local Business Owners React To Minimum Wage IncreaseMillions of California works will ring in the New Year with a raise. Minimum wage is now $10.50 and over the next five years will incrementally go up to $15.00 by 2022.