GOP Claims Victory In Calif. BudgetRepublican lawmakers are claiming victory after the state budget passed last week without a single GOP vote because the plan did not include the Democrats' top solution -- a renewal of the higher income, sales and vehicle taxes approved two years ago.
State Budget Puts Heavy Load On College StudentsCalifornia college students are bracing for higher tuition bills and fewer courses and campus services under a new state budget that once again slashes spending on higher education.
Fees On Vehicles, Rural Homes May Be ChallengedEvery Californian with a vehicle will pay $12 more a year to register it, and millions of property owners who live outside cities will pay $150 annually for state fire protection under two new fees imposed by lawmakers as part of the budget passed late Tuesday. However, the moves could face legal challenges from opponents who argue the fees are taxes in disguise.
New Urgency On Budget Talks With Lawmaker Pay CutsLawmakers face significant new pressures, as well as opportunities, as they seek to close California's remaining $9.6 billion deficit and get a budget in place by July 1, the start of the next fiscal year. Proposition 25, approved last fall, forces lawmakers to go without pay for each day they fail to pass a balanced budget.
Brown, Democrats Work 2 Fronts On Calif. BudgetGov. Jerry Brown and his fellow Democrats in the Legislature worked Friday along two different tracks with the hope that one will lead to a budget deal before the start of California's new fiscal year next week.
Lawmakers' Paychecks Gone Until Budget PassedThe man who cuts the state's paychecks decided to enforce a law this week that all 120 members of the Legislature will not be paid their salaries until they balance the state's annual spending plan by closing its $9.6 billion budget deficit.
Lawmakers Pass Online Tax BillCalifornia lawmakers have passed a bill to force out-of-state Internet retailers such as to collect taxes under two different legal theories, both of which have been criticized by online sellers.
Redevelopment Agencies In Limbo As Budget Fight ContinuesGov. Jerry Brown has been pushing since January to abolish California's redevelopment agencies, and last week's flurry of budget activity pushed them one step closer to the brink.
Lawmakers Nearly Come To Blows During Budget DebateA joke that compared a proposed budget measure to a fictional mafia family nearly brought lawmakers to blows on the California Assembly floor Wednesday afternoon.
California Budget Bills Passed Without GOP VotesDemocrats who control California's Legislature passed a series of budget bills Wednesday with few Republican votes, but the plan was widely seen as merely a stopgap to meet the constitutional budget deadline.
GOP Mounts Offensive Against Local Tax BillNow that Republican lawmakers have voted against a renewal of expiring tax hikes, Democrats are turning to another, more complex way to generate revenue.