King Fire: Firefighters Making Progress On Blaze's 10th Day Through Thorough PlanWe went to base camp in Foresthill where spokesman Mike McMillan says that’s actually working in firefighters’ favor, pushing the flames into natural barriers—two reservoirs and granite to the northeast.
King Fire: Homeowners Return To Find Nothing Left Of Homes Burned In El Dorado CountyPotentially dozens of homes have been destroyed by the blaze in El Dorado County. Fire officials will not confirm that homes have been destroyed until inspectors go through, but homeowners in the area shared their address with us to get a firsthand look.
Wildfires, Monsoon, Earthquake Force California Office Of Emergency Services Into ActionThe center is where various state agencies come together—from social services to Caltrans—to discuss where resources should be allocated. OES has final authority to determine how those resources are actually implemented.
Inmate Fire Crews Key To Battling Blazes Like King Fire, Work To Shave Sentences"They know what hard time is," said Cal Fire Capt. Rick Vallejo of his team of 16 prisoners. "We get them at the fire camp and they're on they're best behavior. We're 24/7 365 days with these guys."
Wildfire Burns Over Inmate Firefighting Crew In El Dorado CountyA crew of inmate firefighters battling the King Fire in El Dorado County were threatened by fast-moving flames Monday.
California Drought Hampering Firefighting Efforts As Water Sources Go DryThe question arose after watching video of a fire handled by the California Office of Emergency Services where the agency said this summers Eiler Fire grew when a Shasta County town ran out of water.
Northeast California Wildfire Destroys 8 Homes A pair of wildfires burning without restraint about 8 miles apart in northeast California became the focus of state and federal firefighters Sunday as authorities reported that one of the blazes had destroyed eight homes and prompted the precautionary evacuation of a small long-term care hospital.
AP Exclusive: Wildfire Citations Applied Unevenly Gary Bennett spent much of the last three decades preparing his property in Napa County for the day when a wildfire would sweep over the hill, including clearing brush and grass around his three-bedroom home in a scenic canyon 85 miles north of San Francisco.
Bully Fire Threatens Dozens More Homes A stubborn wildfire in Northern California that authorities blamed on marijuana-growing activity is threatening dozens of additional homes.
Wildfires Grow In Southern And Northern California200 homes evacuated in San Diego County; fire in Napa County grows to over six square miles.
Flare-Up Keeps San Diego Fire Situation TenuousFirefighters have made varying degrees of progress against the wildfires burning in San Diego County.