DMV Turns Away Customers After Reopening Some Offices To Serve Required In-Person TransactionsThe California Department of Motor Vehicles had to turn away customers after reopening 25 field offices throughout the state to only serve transactions and appointments requiring in-person visits.
DMV To Open 25 Field Offices To Complete Transactions Requiring In-Person VisitsThe California Department of Motor Vehicles said they will reopen 25 field offices throughout the state beginning Friday to assist with transactions and appointments that require in-person visits.
Coronavirus Concerns: DMV Closing All California Field Offices Through End Of MarchCalifornia's Department of Motor Vehicles announced that beginning Friday it will be closing all of its field locations through the end of March due to the coronavirus to begin a move toward providing essential services virtually.
TSA Recommends Travelers Get REAL ID Ahead Of Busy Holiday Travel SeasonAs the deadline approaches for Californians to get their Real ID, there are millions of residents in California who still don’t have one.
Selling Appointments At The DMV May Soon Be IllegalSelling your appointment at the DMV may soon be against the law.
Governor Candidate John Cox Visits California DMV OfficesHe’s been traveling around the state speaking to citizens stuck in long waiting lines and calls the wait unacceptable.
DMV Redirecting Employees To Help Reduce Long Lines At Field OfficesHours before a hearing is set to begin at the State Capitol about the long wait times at the DMV, the department announced a number of new measures to help reduce those wait times.
Are Pres. Trump's Immigration Policies Making California Roads Less Safe?Since 605,000 licenses were handed out in the first year, the number has dropped to an average of just 10,000 a month in California.
Digital License Plates Will Start Appearing on CA CarsCar dealerships in the area will start selling digital license plates to customers
Driverless Car Testing Getting Green Light On California RoadsCalifornia is opening the door for testing on the streets of truly driverless cars without a backup driver. The California Department of Motor Vehicles is in charge of regulating the technology, but before wheeling it out, the agency heard from the biggest carmakers in Silicon Valley are all racing to be number one.
California Voters To Be Automatically Registered At DMVGov. Jerry Brown has approved legislation to make California the second state in the nation to begin automatically registering eligible voters when they obtain or renew their driver's licenses.