California GOP Sees Revival In Rare House WinCalifornia Republicans have been waiting for a turning point and some think it's finally arrived.
Impeachment Brings Mixed Reactions Among Sacramento-Area RepublicansDC Democratic lawmakers are getting support from some Sacramento-area Republicans who are calling for President Trump to leave office immediately, while others remain loyal to the president, calling impeachment just a hurdle in the presidency.
Study Finds Republicans Are More Likely To Consider Leaving CaliforniaAccording to a study conducted by UC Berkeley, more than half of California voters have considered leaving the state.
One Of The Last GOP Bastions In California Now Has More Registered Democrats Than RepublicansOrange County, California, a historically Republican stronghold that served as the North Star for Ronald Reagan-style conservatism, now has more voters registered as Democrats than Republicans.
In-N-Out Burger Donates $25K To California Republican Party, Dems Call For BoycottThe state’s favorite burger chain is finding itself under scrutiny over a $25,000 contribution to the California Republican Party.
Trump Protesters Arrive In Bay Area For State GOP ConventionDonald Trump, the outsider, is making his case to California's Republican establishment after he kicked off his crucial campaign for the state's presidential primary with a rally marred by confrontations between protesters and his supporters on the streets.
California GOP Softens Stance On ImmigrationThe California Republican Party has voted to soften its stance on immigration, seeking to appeal to the state's growing Latino population and distance itself from the harsh rhetoric of presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Chris Christie Heads To California For FundraisingNew Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie is heading to San Francisco as part of a national tour, headlining a high-dollar fundraiser in the liberal stronghold and supporting the California GOP's long-shot nominee for governor.
California GOP Finds Whiff Of Hope In Recent Wins At Ballot BoxThe victory this summer of Republican cherry farmer Andy Vidak in a state Senate district long controlled by Democrats gave the GOP a whiff of encouragement in a state where Democrats hold every statewide office.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry Headlining California Republican ConventionPerry makes frequent trips to California. Some of the earliest support for his 2012 presidential bid came from major Republican donors in California.
GOP Rejects Open Primary PlanCalifornia Republicans on Sunday approved a compromise that leaves in place the current nominating system for GOP candidates in 2012 and will let party members use mail-in balloting to endorse candidates for office starting in 2014.