First Gas Tax, Now Bullet Train: Ballot Initiatives Point Toward GOP Plan In CaliforniaCalifornia Republicans turned to a ballot measure that would eliminate a recent gas tax increase in hopes of exciting conservatives.
Document: High-Speed Rail Construction Could Face $3.6 Billion Overrun; Expanded TimeframeA document obtained by The Los Angeles Times says the first leg of California's $64 billion high-speed rail project could cost as much as $3.6 billion more than previous estimates and take years longer to build.
Revised California High Speed Rail Plan Will Send Train To San JoseThe board gave its approved at a brief meeting in Sacramento, a week after postponing a planned vote to make changes to the revised business plan.
High-Speed Rail Officials Put Off Vote To Calm Upset Over Announced StartThe plan calls for the bullet train to head from the Central Valley to San Jose rather than south to the San Fernando Valley as originally planned.
Judge: California High-Speed Rail Project Can ProceedA judge has ruled that California's plans for a $64 billion, high-speed rail system do not violate promises made to voters when they approved state financing for the project.
California High-Speed Rail Project May Need $150 Million More For First SegmentFinance officials told rail board members Tuesday that the project could need another $150 million for the first 29-mile segment near Fresno.
California High-Speed Rail Project Back In Court As Delays MountThe bullet train's timeline, funding and speed estimates are back in the spotlight for a longstanding lawsuit filed by residents whose property lies in its path.
House Passes Amendment To Change Federal Grant For California's High-Speed RailThe California High Speed Rail authority will no longer be able to spend federal funds on the high-speed rail project under its current $3 billion matching grant with the federal government.
California High-Speed Rail Approves 5 Bidders For More ConstructionThe 22-mile segment running through Tulare and Kings counties is expected to cost between $400 million and $500 million.
Lawsuit Contests High-Speed Rail Air Quality PlansSuit says state agency downplays harmful environmental effects and exaggerates benefits.
Gavin Newsom: Stop High-Speed Rail Project, Redirect MoneyLt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, once a strong supporter of California's high-speed rail project, says he has changed his mind and no longer backs it.