State Sen. Mendoza To Take Leave During Sex Misconduct InvestigationUnder mounting pressure Wednesday, the Los Angeles area state senator refused to resign.
California Lawmakers To Confront Sexual Misconduct ScandalCalifornia lawmakers will grapple for the first time as a group with a growing sexual misconduct scandal when they return to Sacramento on Wednesday.
Lawmakers' Sex Harassment Training Like '4th Grade Lecture'"Some people do take it seriously - and some people are on their phones, some people are cracking jokes."
Supermajorities Could Spark Conflicts Among California DemocratsNow that voters have created Democratic supermajorities in both houses of the California Legislature, they should expect to see more conflict between liberals and moderates in the party and even tension with Gov. Jerry Brown, another Democrat.
California Lawmakers Collect Thousands On Top Of Salary While AbsentIn addition to their six-figure salaries and benefits, California's 120 lawmakers are compensated for their cost of living and meals when they leave home and travel to Sacramento to write and pass bills.
Bystanders Could Rescue Pets Trapped In Hot Cars Under California BillA bill in the California Legislature would allow citizens, in good faith, to break windows in order to rescue animals and children from extreme heat.
Lawmakers Take Up $117.5B Budget Without Governor's SupportCalifornia lawmakers are scheduled to vote on a Democratic spending plan for the next fiscal year but they still have more work ahead.
Lawmakers Contemplate New Statewide Rules For Medicinal Pot ShopsThe California Legislature is considering multiple -- and conflicting -- plans to impose the first major statewide restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries and growers.