California Lawmakers OK Ban Of Most Flavored TobaccoThe California Legislature has voted to ban the sale of most flavored tobacco products in the state.
Coronavirus Case In California State Capitol Cancels Daily Senate SessionA person who works at the California Capitol has tested positive for the coronavirus, prompting the Senate to cancel Wednesday's session during a critical final week when lawmakers must consider hundreds of measures that face a Monday deadline.
George Floyd-Inspired Officer Accountability Law Advances In California LegislatureA proposed California law inspired by and to prevent a situation like the one that led to the death of George Floyd is advancing in the legislature.
California Lawmakers Set In-Person Voting Rules Amid PandemicWorried about the unpredictable coronavirus wreaking havoc on the November election, the California Legislature on Thursday sent a bill to Gov. Gavin Newsom that would let counties offer fewer in-person polling places in exchange for opening the sites earlier.
California Lawmakers Were Globetrotters Before PandemicIt was a different era for California lawmakers before the coronavirus pandemic: business-class flights to Japan, stays at 5-star hotels and dinners with local politicians in the name of promoting economic ties.
Little Time, Big Agenda When California Lawmakers ReturnCalifornia lawmakers are returning to work Monday for a furious five-week sprint that will include contentious debates about police brutality, unemployment benefits, hospital mergers and a moratorium on evictions during the coronavirus pandemic.
Senate Republicans Say Columbus Statue Should Stay In CapitolA potential battle is brewing over the Cristopher Columbus statue inside the state capitol. 
California Assembly To Cast Final Vote On State BudgetThe California Assembly will return to work on Friday from their summer recess to vote on a spending plan that closes the state's estimated $54.3 billion deficit through a combination of temporary tax increases, delayed spending and cuts to colleges, courts and state worker salaries.
Gov. Newsom, Lawmakers Agree How To Close California Budget DeficitCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Democratic state Legislature have agreed on a budget plan that would cover the state's estimated $54.3 billion budget deficit, ending weeks of high-stakes negotiations amid a pandemic and protests over racial injustice.
Christopher Columbus Statue To Be Removed From State Capitol RotundaCalifornia legislative leaders announced Tuesday that the statue of Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus in the Capitol Rotunda will be removed.
California Lawmakers Take Up Budget In Tense Economic TimesThe California Legislature will meet Monday to pass a budget for these uncertain times, without knowing how much money they have to spend and without an agreement with Gov. Gavin Newsom, whose veto pen could force lawmakers to start over.