California Democrats Revive Universal Health Care Bill In LegislatureDemocrats in the California Legislature on Thursday revived a plan for what could be the nation's first universal health care system - prompting strong opposition from doctors and health insurers overtax increases for businesses and individuals that would pay for the plan and only if voters approved the tax hikes.
California State Lawmaker Ends Bill To Limit Intersex SurgeriesA California lawmaker is withdrawing a bill that would have banned some medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex children until they are old enough to participate in the decision.
California Lawmakers Relocate To Make Way For New BuildingCalifornia's Legislature will reconvene in about a month, but staff are busy this week building boxes instead of bills as they work to quickly vacate their offices ahead of the scheduled demolition of their nearly 70-year-old workspace.
Here's What The California Legislature Did This YearCalifornia lawmakers are expected to work late into the evening on Friday as they finish their work for the 2021 legislative session just four days before voting concludes in a statewide recall election targeting Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. Here's a look at what passed — and what failed — in the California Legislature this year.
California May Impose Toughest Rules On Recycling LabelsCalifornia lawmakers have approved what advocacy groups say are the nation's strongest protections against falsely labeling items as recyclable when they in fact are destined for landfills.
California Lawmakers Advance Bill To Strip Badges From Bad Police OfficersBad law enforcement officers could permanently lose their badges under a bill advanced by California lawmakers on Friday, a year after a similar measure died in the waning hours of the legislative session.
'Now There Is Momentum': Former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs Applauds California's Guaranteed Income PlanIn what would be the first state-funded guaranteed income plan in the US, California lawmakers on Thursday approved $35 million for monthly cash payments to qualifying pregnant people and young adults previously in foster care.
California Lawmakers To Vote On Guaranteed Income GrantsThe California Legislature is scheduled to vote Thursday on a bill that would help pay for guaranteed income programs across the state.
California Lawmakers Seek To Remove 'He' From State LawsWhen California Gov. Gavin Newsom was searching for a new attorney general earlier this year, state Assemblywoman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan looked up the job requirements and made a surprising discovery: In many instances, the law assumed the attorney general is a man.
Immigrant Health Care Is On California Senate's Wish ListDemocrats in the California Senate said Wednesday they want to spend the state's projected multibillion-dollar budget surplus on things such as making college debt-free for students, paying for the health care of some older, low-income adults living in the country illegally and partnering with first-time homebuyers in the state’s expensive market.
California Bill Would Remove Youth From Career Criminal LawLos Angeles' new reform-minded top prosecutor said Friday that it's time to remove youthful offenders from California's tough career criminal law that can greatly extend their prison time later in life.