Firefighter Killed On The Job By Falling Tree In Tuolumne County Escorted Home By ConvoyA contract wildland firefighter who was killed by a falling tree in California last week has been brought home by a convoy of fellow firefighters.
Inflation Triggers California Minimum Wage Increase To $15.50 In 2023California's minimum wage will jump to $15.50 per hour next year, Gov. Gavin Newsom's administration announced Thursday, an increase triggered by soaring inflation that will benefit about 3 million workers.
Drought Severely Affecting California Rice CropsSome call the impact on farmers and the surrounding communities catastrophic.
California Lawmakers Raise Caps On Medical Malpractice Lawsuit AwardsThe California Legislature on Thursday agreed to increase how much money people can win in medical malpractice lawsuits.
Cal OES Crews Assist With Coastal Fire That Wreaked Havoc On Orange County TownA wind-driven coastal fire in Southern California continued to burn out of control Wednesday night after destroying several homes and forcing evacuations.
Newsom Proposes $125M Package To Expand Access To Reproductive Health Care In CaliforniaJust more than a week after a leaked document suggested the U.S. Supreme Court is prepared to overturn the historic Roe v. Wade, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a reproductive health package that would expand access to vital services like abortions in California.
Appeals Court Rules California's Under-21 Gun Sales Ban UnconstitutionalA U.S. appeals court ruled on Wednesday that California's ban on the sale of semiautomatic weapons to adults under 21 is unconstitutional.
Hyundai Recalls 215K Sonatas Over Faulty Fuel HosesHyundai is recalling more than 215,000 midsize cars in the U.S. - most for a second time - because fuel hoses can leak in the engine compartment and cause fires.
'A Model For Other Industrial Economies Around The World': California Lays Out Plan To Drastically Cut Fossil Fuel UseNew homes built in California starting in 2026 need to be powered by all-electric furnaces, stoves and other appliances if California is to meet its ambitious climate change goals over the next two decades, according to a state pollution-reduction plan released Tuesday.
Baby Formula Supply Problem Getting Worse, States Struggling With SupplyManufacturers say they're producing at full capacity and making as much formula as they can, but it's still not enough to meet current demand.
'Drive Very Slowly And Carefully'; Another Round of Snow Hits The Sierra During Mother's Day TravelsOn Mother’s Day, people driving through Donner Summit needed more than flowers for mom once chain controls went into effect as snow hit the Sierra.