Senate Candidate Running in Both California and FloridaA California businessman wants to be elected to the U.S. Senate and he's trying to do it by running in two states at the same time
How Will Social Media Influence The 2018 Elections?Online activism may also be motivating candidates to spend more money and energy on digital ads and engagement.
'Celebration Of Life' For San Francisco Mayor Ed LeeSan Francisco Mayor Ed Lee was remembered Sunday for his humility, integrity and infectious smile during a public celebration of his life at City Hall, attended by family members, former staff, politicians and residents.
Lawmakers Approve California Presidential Primary In MarchCalifornia lawmakers voted early Saturday to set the state's presidential primary in March, a move that would force candidates to mount expensive campaigns earlier in the state that awards the most delegates.
Now That The Budget Is Done, California Lawmakers Examine Other Issues After approving a $125 billion budget last week, California lawmakers are turning their attention to other matters for the last three months of the annual legislative session.
'Resist' Billboards Appear Around SacramentoThe billboards feature elements of the California state flag, such as a white background with a red stripe and star and the California grizzly bear. Off to the left side is the word "resist" in multiple languages, such as Spanish, Arabic and Vietnamese, a testament to the state's diversity. The hashtag #StayLoud is imprinted at the bottom.
Politician Claims Site In His Name Hijacked To Advertise PornA federal lawsuit by an Orange County politician alleges that a website in his name was "hijacked" and repurposed to advertise pornography.
California Known For Sunshine, But Not In LegislatureCalifornia law appears clear: Access to information on how the Legislature conducts its business is a "necessary right of every person in this state." But decades after those words were written at the height of the Watergate era, the Assembly and Senate remain, in many ways, dark corners within government.
Gov. Brown Calls $113B Budget Precariously BalancedCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday released a record $113 billion state spending plan that asks the University of California to do more with less so the nation's largest public university system can avert tuition hikes.
Official: Gov. Brown Plans Record $113B BudgetCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown plans to unveil a record $113 billion state spending plan on Friday that gives schools a boost and pays debt but sets up a higher-education showdown by rejecting the University of California's demand for more money to avert tuition hikes, a government official said.
Brown Maintains Strong Lead In Governor's Race The first public opinion poll released since California's June 3 primary shows Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown maintaining a 20-point lead over his general election challenger, Republican Neel Kashkari.