Audit: More Than 1.4 Million California Children At Risk Of Lead PoisoningA new report from the California State Auditor found more than 1.4 million children may be at risk of lead poisoning and not know it because the state's top two health agencies aren't doing their jobs.
State Employee Given Questions Ahead Of Promotion Interview Must Undergo Ethics TrainingA California state employee applying for a new position got a copy of the interview questions emailed to her personal account ahead of the interview, then landed the job, and later lied about the email during a State Audit investigation.
Auditor: State Workers Caught Behaving BadlyThe audit found a Caltrans employee commuted to work by commercial plane and had taxpayers pick up her tab.
State Audit Finds State Workers' Bad Behaviors Wasted Taxpayer MoneyAccording to a new state audit, $150,000 of taxpayer money was wasted by California workers' bad behaviors. 
EDD Audit Confirms CBS13 Investigation - Calls On EDD To Stop Putting Millions At Risk Of Identity TheftFollowing four years and dozens of CBS 13 reports, a permanent fix is finally in the works to prevent state agencies from mailing your social security number.
Investigation Found Head Of CA Agency Practiced Nepotism, Retaliated Against Whistleblowers A new report from the state auditor found the head of a California agency committed gross misconduct, retaliated against whistleblowers, and unfairly promoted her relatives.
Whistleblowers Lead California Auditor To $370,000 In WasteWhistleblower tips alerted California's auditor to $370,000 in waste and forgery at certain state agencies, according to a report released Thursday.
Audit: Calif. Agencies Overstate Stimulus JobsA state audit on Tuesday found that some California agencies inflated the number of jobs created by the federal stimulus program.