Bad Air Quality In Vacaville To Get Worse OvernightMultiple fires created hazy skies throughout the Sacramento Region Tuesday, but bad air quality hit the hardest in the Vacaville and Winters area.
Wildfire Smoke Triggers Health Caution In San Joaquin CountyHot, humid, and hazy. Fires continue to burn across the region as weather conditions grow more unbearable.
Helicopter Crews Guide Hikers To Safety Near Solano County FireA group of hikers got dangerously close to a fire burning in the Cold Canyon area of Solano County Tuesday morning, CHP said
Coronavirus Leaves Cal Fire Shorthanded On Inmate Hand CrewsFirefighters are battling two enemies this summer season: wildfires and a global pandemic. One battle is more familiar than the other.
Firefighters Prepping To Combat Wildfire Season That's Off To A Ferocious StartLocal, state, and federal agencies are prepping to combat a wildfire season that’s already off to an aggressive start.
PG&E's Bankruptcy Trial Opens With Attacks On Voting ProcessAn effort to block Pacific Gas and Electric's path out of bankruptcy kicked off Wednesday's trial on the plan in bankruptcy court as critics of the utility questioned whether the overwhelming vote in favor of the plan by wildfire victims was tainted by conflicts of interest and shoddy counting.
PG&E Nears End Of Bankruptcy Amid Persisting Safety WorriesPacific Gas & Electric limped into bankruptcy vilified for its long-running neglect of a crumbling electrical grid that ignited a succession of horrific Northern California wildfires.
PG&E's Bankruptcy Plan Wins Support From Wildfire VictimsPacific Gas & Electric's plan for getting out of bankruptcy has won overwhelming support from the victims of deadly Northern California wildfires ignited by the utility's fraying electrical grid, despite concerns that they will be shortchanged by a $13.5 billion fund that's supposed to cover their losses.
Wildfires Ding California In New 'State Of The Air' Report From American Lung AssociationThe air quality in the United States is dramatically declining, leaving about 150 million people -- nearly half of America's population -- breathing unhealthy, heavily polluted air, according to the newly released "State of the Air" 2020 report by the American Lung Association.
PG&E: Wildfire Victims Backing Bankruptcy Plan So FarA Pacific Gas & Electric lawyer told a federal judge that the beleaguered company's plan for getting out of bankruptcy is winning support from the victims of Northern California wildfires ignited by the utility's crumbling equipment, despite concerns they will be shortchanged in a $13.5 billion settlement.
Judge OKs PG&E Plan To Pay $19M In Fees From Victims FundThe Northern California victims of catastrophic wildfires caused by Pacific Gas & Electric's decaying electrical grid will have at least $19 million siphoned way from a $13.5 billion fund for their losses to cover administrative costs.
PG&E Says It Can't Commit To Expanding Tree-Trimming ForceLawyers for Pacific Gas & Electric said the utility can't commit to hiring hundreds more tree trimmers in the way that a federal judge wants to cut the risk of starting more catastrophic wildfires in California.
California Wildfire Victims Fear They'll Be Last In PayoutA $13.5 billion settlement between victims of California's catastrophic wildfires and the utility blamed for causing them was supposed to bring some peace and hope to people still reeling from the devastation.
Judge: California Fund Can Offer Only Fire InsuranceA fund that offers only fire insurance to California residents in wildfire-prone areas can't be required to provide coverage for other hazards such as flooding or theft, a judge ruled this week.
Judge Rips PG&E For Poor Safety Record Leading To WildfiresA U.S. judge ripped into Pacific Gas & Electric on Wednesday, saying its executives have put greed before safety.