Families Embrace Distance Learning As Schools Could Remain Closed Until SummerCould California's schools be closed for the year?
Paying Meth Users To Stop? Former Addicts Say It Won't Always WorkA potential new California bill could be a last-ditch effort to curb the state's growing methamphetamine problem, offering addicts vouchers or cash incentives to stop using.
California Voting Changes Raise Concerns For 'Super Tuesday'Major changes to the way people vote have election advocates on edge as Californians cast ballots in a high-profile primary that was moved up from June so the country's most populous state could have a bigger say in picking the Democratic presidential nominee.
Number Of US Pedestrian Deaths Highest in 30 YearsThe number of pedestrians killed in the US is at the highest level in 30 years.
Proposal Would End California Cap On Freelancer AssignmentsBowing to intense criticism, the author of a sweeping new California labor law now wants to amend the statute to eliminate any cap on the number of assignments freelance journalists can take.
California To Apologize For Internment Of Japanese AmericansOn Thursday, California's Legislature is expected to approve a resolution offering an apology to internment victims for the state's role in aiding the U.S. government's policy and condemning actions that helped fan anti-Japanese discrimination.
Lawmakers Question Gov. Newsom's Homeless PlanSome lawmakers and mayors expressed skepticism Thursday over Gov. Gavin Newsom's proposal to give $750 million to state-selected regional administrators rather than to local government to address the state's growing homelessness crisis.
Trump Administration Ends Antitrust Probe Of 4 Automakers, Calif.The Trump administration has ended its antitrust probe into a deal between California and four of the world's biggest automakers, after failing to find that the companies' conduct violated the law.
California's Primary Vote Count Could Take Longer Than EverCalifornians start voting Monday in a high-profile Democratic presidential primary that has no clear front-runner and could take longer to count than any previous election in a state already notorious for slow ballot counting.
Parolees Could Potentially Vote In California Under Proposed BillA bill that would allow tens of thousands of parolees in California to register to vote has passed on the assembly floor.
Kohler To Pay $20M Penalty For California Engine EmissionsA Wisconsin-based company has agreed to pay a $20 million civil penalty to resolve allegations that emissions from its small spark-ignition engines violated the Clean Air Act and California law.