Waiting On Wheels? Call Kurtis Investigates How Supply Chain Issues Are Impacting Car RepairsAfter waiting five months to get a new gas tank, a Roseville viewer called Kurtis to investigate cars that aren’t getting fixed because of supply chain issues.
Scam Alert: Rancho Cordova Viewer Tries To Get Savings Back From Thieves Posing As Bank EmployeesLona Rose says she kept getting texts that looked like fraud alerts from her bank, Chase, last month. After, she says she got a call from someone who identified themselves as a bank employee and who knew how much she had in her accounts.  
Viewer Calls Kurtis After Waiting Months For Solar InstallationAfter spending big money on a new roof and solar panels, a Granite Bay viewer says she’s been waiting months for Pacific Gas and Electric to finally hook them up. That’s when she decided to call Kurtis to investigate.
Parents Call Kurtis After Sacramento Driving School Closes Without Notice: 'My Heart Just Sank'When a Sacramento driving school shut down without warning or refunds, parents called Kurtis to investigate.
Call Kurtis: Walmarts Across The Region Have Spotty Pricing InspectionsA Suisun City viewer says she caught her local Walmart overcharging her, several times, and called on Kurtis who found inspection reports for stores across the region.
Elk Grove Family Calls Kurtis After GoFundMe Freezes Funeral Fundraiser When tragedies strike, GoFundMe accounts often pop up. So an Elk Grove family called Kurtis after they encountered some problems collecting their donations.
Call Kurtis: Paying More Than Advertised At Suisun City WalmartIt’s another instance where people may be paying more than they expected because they don’t check the receipt. This time, when a viewer noticed she was being charged more than the posted price at Suisun City’s Walmart, she decided to reach out and call Kurtis.
Call Kurtis: My McDonald’s Receipt Doesn’t Add UpWhen a Roseville mom noticed her McDonald's receipt didn’t add up, she decided to call Kurtis to investigate.
Call Kurtis Volunteer Helps Lathrop Viewer Double-Billed For Medical ProcedureWhen a Lathrop viewer was double charged for a medical procedure, she reached out to the Call Kurtis team for help.
Call Kurtis: Been A Victim Of Fraud? Here’s What You Should KnowWhen a Stockton couple was struggling to get their tax refund from last year, they reached out to Kurtis for help.
Call Kurtis: More Viewers Are Saying Ticketmaster Owes Them A Refund As more and more viewers are struggling to get refunds from Ticketmaster for changed or postponed events, they’re calling Kurtis.