Despite Election-Season Tragedy, Campaigns Continue Push To Nov. 6Amid a wave of election-season violence that left many Americans on edge, the contentious midterm campaign has barreled forward with little pause.
State Agency, Gas Tax Backers Worked Closely Before Proposition 6 Campaign BeganThe California State Transportation Agency and Sacramento-based Bicker, Castillo & Fairbanks organized news conferences and other efforts to promote legislation to raise the tax to fund road and bridge repairs.
San Francisco Homeless Tax Fight Pits Salesforce Against TwitterThe proposition is the latest battle between big business and social services advocates who demand that corporate America pay to solve inequities exacerbated by its success.
California Governor: Gavin Newsom, John Cox Vie For State's Top SpotDemocrat Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Republican John Cox advanced to November's general election as the Top 2 candidates in the June primary vote. 
California Voter Registration Deadline Is Oct. 22. Here's How To Register To VoteWith less than a month until California's election, the rush is on to get registered and to make sure you're registered to vote. 
Voter Guide: A Look At 11 Propositions On The California Ballot, And 1 That's MissingCalifornia voters will decide the fate of everything from bonds to the gas tax and even how veal is raised in the 2018 general election.
Proposition 4: Bond Measure Would Fund Grants For Children's HospitalsProposition 4 was placed on the ballot by petition signatures and would create $1.5 billion in funds through bond sales. 
Proposition 1: Bond Aims To Help Veterans, Affordable HousingProposition 1 calls for the state to sell $4 billion in bonds for veterans and affordable housing.
When It Comes To Results, Bring Your Patience On Election NightIn California and Washington, voters can put their ballots in the mail as late as Election Day, meaning final votes do not reach election officials until days later.
FACT CHECK: Governor Candidates Stumble With Cash Bail ArgumentsStarting in October 2019, most suspects charged with nonviolent felonies will be quickly released, while those charged with serious, violent felonies will stay in jail before trial.
Where Do California Governor Candidates Stand On Issues?Gavin Newsom and John Cox are looking for your votes in November. Find out where they stand on the issues that matter to you.