Sacramento Program To Help Ex-Felons Break Into California's Booming Pot BusinessThe city of Sacramento plans to waive permit fees for former drug offenders looking to get into the booming pot business.
Scientists Create First Beer Brewed From CannabisAs the restrictions on marijuana continue to be loosened, scientists in Canada have reportedly developed the first beer brewed from cannabis.
California Collects $60.9 Million In Taxes In 3 Months From Marijuana Users, GrowersLegal recreational marijuana sales netted the state of California $60.9 million in tax revenue in the first three months of 2018, according to the state’s tax agency.
Marijuana Holiday Started in NorCalMyriad marijuana enthusiasts around the world plan to celebrate the plant on Friday in home to the number 420
Mom Arrested After Toddler Ate Mac And Cheese Made With THC ButterAt the home, police report they found two marijuana grow tents in the garage. They also found mushrooms, bongs and pipes, containers of hash oil and other drug paraphernalia.
New Bill Allows Veterinarians To Recommend Cannabis To PetsUnlike medical doctors in California, veterinarians can't discuss cannabis as a treatment option for pets.
Highly Anticipated Cannabis Festival In Yolo County Canceled After Sheriff Denies PermitA Yolo County cannabis festival is abruptly canceled after months of planning and preparation. The organizers needed the county Sheriff’s department to sign off on the event, but it refused.
Want A State Cannabis Cultivation License? Good LuckThe road to legal cannabis is hitting a few potholes. A new report from a cannabis business organization shows that only a fraction of the marijuana cultivators in California have state approval to operate.
Prosecutors Dropping, Cutting Marijuana Convictions After LegalizationIt's a step that could prove life-changing for some and could especially help minorities, who were more likely than whites to be arrested for such crimes.
San Francisco Plans To Wipe Out Thousands Of Pot ConvictionsSan Francisco's district attorney says his office will toss out or reduce thousands of criminal convictions for marijuana dating back decades, which is allowed under a 2016 ballot measure legalizing recreational use in California.
Study Exploring Possibility Of Public Bank For Cannabis Industry In CaliforniaThe multi-billion dollar cannabis industry has continued to grow following pot legalization in California, yet cannabis businesses say they've been shut out of the private banking industry, creating a danger for both them and their customers.
Chronic Marijuana Use Linked To Rare Vomiting IllnessLocal doctors are seeing an uptick in a rare illness caused by chronic cannabis use.
Cannabis Industry Frets, Then Shrugs Off Sessions' New PolicyFor long-term pot purveyors accustomed to changing regulatory winds, the decision was just another bump in a long and winding road to proving their business legitimacy.
City To Focus On Cannabis Distribution And Cultivation After First Day Of RetailCity officials say they will begin to shift focus from the licensing of dispensaries to the licensing of distributors, cultivators and manufacturers to avoid a marijuana dry spell in Sacramento.
How Will California Enforce New Pot Rules?With the sale of legal commercial cannabis off to a strong start, many are wondering how the state will enforce new rules to combat the illegal market. We're getting answers.