CA's Billion-Dollar COVID Testing Lab Under Investigation Following CBS13 Whistleblower ReportOne day after a CBS13 investigation revealed shocking whistleblower allegations from inside California's billion-dollar COVID testing lab, state regulators have launched an investigation of their own.
Asleep At Lab: Whistleblower Allegations From Inside CA’s Billion-Dollar COVID LabLab techs sleeping while processing COVID samples for testing. COVID test swabs found in the restrooms. These are just two of the concerning allegations from whistleblowers about what's happening inside the state’s new billion-dollar COVID testing lab.
Will 'My Turn' App Fix Vaccine Data Delays?It was initially billed as a COVID-19 vaccine sign-up tool, but on Monday Newsom promised the state's new "My Turn" app will also fix vaccine data delays.
CBS13 Investigates: Where Are California’s Unused COVID-19 Vaccine Doses?We’ve been working for weeks to track down California's millions of unused vaccine doses, but the state still can't - or won't - reveal where they are.
Minute-By-Minute: A COVID-19 Vaccine ReactionIt’s rare, but it can happen. One woman’s experience of an allergic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine – and what she wants you to know after getting a shot.
CBS13 Investigates: EDD Inmate Fraud 'Just The Tip of the Iceberg'The billion-dollar EDD fraud linked to California inmates is likely just the tip of the iceberg. This is just the latest in a long line of EDD failures -- several of them first exposed by CBS13.
Local Schools Won't Require Quarantine After Holiday TravelAccording to the airlines, millions of Americans are traveling this week which has many wondering what that means for schools when kids head back after the holiday.
Decreasing COVID Test Turnaround Times Include 'Inconclusive Results' From State LabCBS13 has learned the state is including inconclusive test results among the results that they claim are returned to patients within two days, even though inconclusive results don’t indicate if you actually have COVID.
Is There COVID On That? CBS13 Swabs High-Touch Surfaces To Find OutCBS13 investigative reporter Julie Watts swabbed some high-touch surfaces to find out where COVID might be lingering and how surface tests might be useful.
CBS13 Investigation Reveals Thousands of Inconclusive COVID Results From New State LabCalifornia's health secretary, Dr. Mark Ghaly, confirmed CBS13's findings -- high number of inconclusive results coming out of the state's new COVID testing lab. Ghaly blamed "inconclusive results" on problems with a "chemical reaction."
CBS13 Investigates: How Is California's New COVID Testing Lab Doing In Its First Week?California's new coronavirus testing lab is supposed to speed up testing, so how is it doing so far? CBS13 Investigates