Scarcity Of Key Material Squeezes Medical Mask ManufacturingEven today, manufacturers say the Trump administration hasn’t made the long-term investments they need in order to ramp up to full capacity. Meanwhile, the administration allowed meltblown exports to slip out of the country as the pandemic, and the demand for masks, soared.
Creek Fire Creating Own Thunderhead Clouds That Are Fueling Its GrowthHeat from California's Creek Fire is creating dangerous thunderhead clouds rising over 45,000 feet high.
Foster Farms’ Livingston Facility Ordered To Shut Down After 8 Employee Deaths From CoronavirusA chicken processing plant in central California has been ordered to shut down after it became the site of one of the largest and most severe COVID-19 outbreaks in the state, health officials said.
Fate Of Endangered Condors Unknown After Sanctuary Burns In Central California WildfireA California wildfire has destroyed a sanctuary for the endangered California condor and the fates of several condors, including a chick, remain unknown.
Parents Of Missing Central California Boy Arrested After Remains FoundThe parents of a 2-year-old missing boy were arrested Friday on suspicion of murder, a day after police found the remains of a child believed to be those of the boy in a remote area outside the central California city of Madera, authorities said.
Central California Official Resigns After Sharing Confederate Flag Post With ‘Proud To Be White’ PhraseThe president of the Madera County school board resigned after a post on her social media account displayed a Confederate flag and the phrase "I am proud to be white," drew calls for her to step down.
Central California Father Accused Of Routinely Bounding 7-Year-Old BoyKern County deputies rescued a 7-year-old boy found bound at the wrists and ankles and arrested his father, the Sheriff's Office said.
Dubious Coronavirus Claims By 2 Central California Doctors Condemned By Health ExpertsA news conference by two California doctors that downplayed the threat of the coronavirus and made dubious claims that the disease had already spread widely, and therefore was not dangerous, struck a chord with those itching for states to ease stay-at-home orders -- but is being condemned by public health officials and experts.
Central California Nursing Home Reports 154 Coronavirus Cases, 8 DeathsA California nursing home has 154 coronavirus cases and eight residents have died in an outbreak that has prompted authorities to prepare to evacuate residents if adequate staffing can't be maintained.
Baby Delivered After California Mother Fatally WoundedA baby was delivered from a California woman who was fatally shot during a series of violent incidents that ended with the death of the suspect during a confrontation with a SWAT team, authorities and relatives said.
Shooting Kills 1, Wounds 5 At Central California GatheringA suspected gang-related shooting at a gathering in California's San Joaquin Valley killed a man and wounded five others, including a little girl, authorities said.