Olympic Board Recognizes Cheerleading, Muay Thai As SportTwo new sports have been provisionally recognized by the International Olympic Committee: the combat sport Muay Thai and cheerleading.
Gov. Brown Signs Law Recognizing Cheerleaders As EmployeesGov. Jerry Brown has approved legislation recognizing California's professional cheerleaders as employees who are entitled to minimum wage and overtime.
Proposed Bill Would Make Officially Make Cheerleading In High School A SportCleanup crews continued to mop up oil-stained beaches along California's Central Coast two weeks after an onshore underground pipeline ruptured, leaking thousands of gallons of crude into the Pacific.
California's High School Cheerleading Squads Build Skills In StudentsHigh school cheerleading presents a broad-based opportunity for students to compete, excel and challenge both their mental and physical capacities.
California Bill Would Make Cheerleading A SportThe California Interscholastic Federation oversees high school sports, and has never formally considered adding cheerleading as a sport.
Local Mom Whose Bullied Son Committed Suicide Says Schools Not Doing EnoughTwelve-year-old boy Ronin Shimizu took his own life recently after he was bullied. One local mom says she knows all too well what Shimizu’s parents of parents are going through.
Despite New Anti-Bullying Policies In U.S. Schools, Intervention Still LagsIt's a story that is gaining national attention: A little boy cheerleader from Folsom took his own life, and his friends suspect bullying.
Family, Friends Remember 12-Year-Old Boy Who Committed SuicideA 12-year-old boy took his own life. And tonight, that boy's family and friends, including the staff and students at Folsom Middle School, are searching for answers.