Former UC Davis Researcher From China Juan Tang Sought By FBI Booked Into Sacramento County JailSenior US government officials said Friday that a Chinese scientist who had been hiding in the country's San Francisco consulate after accusations of visa fraud is now in US custody.
FBI: Researcher Who Worked At UC Davis Being Harbored At Chinese Consulate In SFThe FBI believes the Chinese consulate in San Francisco is harboring a Chinese researcher who is charged in federal court in California with lying about her military background.
US Man Accused Of Spying For China Denied BailA U.S. judge has denied bail and the services of a public defender to a California tour operator charged with carrying national security documents to officials in China.
California Man Xuehua 'Edward' Peng Accused Of Spying On Behalf Of Chinese GovernmentU.S. government officials on Monday announced charges accusing an American citizen living in California with acting as a spy for China.
California Man Gets Prison For Smuggling E.D. Drug In From ChinaA Southern California man who smuggled $11 million worth of erectile dysfunction drugs into the U.S. from China has been sentenced to more than eight years in federal prison.
Albino Panda Photographed In The Wild For The First TimeA fully albino giant panda has been filmed roaming bamboo forests in China -- the first ever recorded in the wild, an expert says.
China Is Going Easy On American Oil (For Now). Here's WhyUS oil has so far been spared China's tariff wrath even as the deepening trade war ensnares other American commodities.
U.S. Exporters Scramble To Figure Out New TariffsThe latest tariff hike in the US-China trade war puts a bigger tax on some American-grown almonds and peanuts, as well as toys, chemicals and machinery and condoms shipped to China. But US industry groups are still scrambling to figure out the exact items that will be hit and by how much.
You're Probably Recycling WrongIt turns out, a quarter of the stuff that is thrown into the recycle bin is not recyclable. 
Scientists Think An Exotic Fish Hitchhiked From Japan To California In Tsunami DebrisDivers swimming in the cold, murky waters of Monterey Bay, California, say they've spotted a barred knifejaw fish that's native to Japan, Korea and China.
More Than 200 Runners Banned After Cheating In A China MarathonIt was discovered that 258 runners had cheated during the annual event, with some taking shortcuts while others hired people to run for them.