Scientists Think An Exotic Fish Hitchhiked From Japan To California In Tsunami DebrisDivers swimming in the cold, murky waters of Monterey Bay, California, say they've spotted a barred knifejaw fish that's native to Japan, Korea and China.
More Than 200 Runners Banned After Cheating In A China MarathonIt was discovered that 258 runners had cheated during the annual event, with some taking shortcuts while others hired people to run for them.
US Soybean Farmers Say China Tariffs Could Result In 'Serious Damage'Soybean farmers, apple growers, and auto workers are among the US workers bracing for fallout from a trade war between the United States and China.
China Claims U.S. Has Started 'The Biggest Trade War' In HistoryThe Trump administration's 25% tariffs affect more than 800 Chinese products worth $34 billion. They kicked in just after midnight ET.
Caught On Video: Ceiling Collapses On Tourists In China
US, China Putting Trade War On Hold After Progress In Talks"We are putting the trade war on hold," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Sunday.
China Is Getting Nearly 3,000 New StarbucksStarbucks is stepping up its expansion in China.
Bibles Pulled From Online Stores As China Increases Control Of ReligionThe Bible appears to have been removed from online marketplaces in China, as Beijing clamps down on how its citizens practice religion.
Authorities Seize About 100 Pot-Growing Houses Tied To China-Based CriminalsThe raids announced Wednesday culminate a monthslong investigation focusing on Chinese nationals who bought homes in seven counties.
China Space Lab Plummets To Earth, Partially Burning Up On Re-EntryScientists monitoring the craft's disintegrating orbit had forecast the craft would mostly burn up and would pose only the slightest of risks to people.
President Trump Says He Should Have Left UCLA Players In Chinese JailPresident Donald Trump says he should have left three UCLA basketball players accused of shoplifting in China in jail.