President Trump's Busy Christmas Eve Packed With EventsPresident Donald Trump is attending Christmas Eve worship services at an Episcopal church in Palm Beach, Florida.
For 62nd Year, NORAD Takes Calls From Kids Awaiting SantaHundreds of volunteers at an Air Force base in Colorado were answering questions on Sunday from eager children who wanted to know where Santa was on his Christmas Eve travels.
Christmas Brings Chocolate Poisoning Warning For DogsVets, writing in the journal Veterinary Record, say Christmas and Easter are the most dangerous times of the year for pets to fall ill from eating chocolate.
Boy Taken To Hospital 323 Times, Given 13 Unneeded Surgeries By Mom Reunited With DadPhysicians now believe the 34-year-old mother is suffering from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a condition in which a person exaggerates or imagines medical problems to gain attention.
In Time For Christmas? Several Holiday Shipping Deadlines ApproachingThere are several shipping deadlines approaching as the holidays near.
Does Christmas Music Turn You Into The Grinch?If you find yourself relating to a hairy, green, holiday-hating beast known as the Grinch when your ears are filled with the sounds of the season, you're in good company.
Melania Trump: Christmas Is 'Not About The Gifts'"It is my hope that during this holiday season, people will remember it is not about gifts -- it is about family, service and gratitude."
His Vision May Be Fading, But One Homeowner's Christmas Lights Shine Brighter Each YearTony Levy's lights are even brighter this year on Eagleson Court, and for a good reason.