2015 Earth's Warmest Year On Record By FarNorthern California reached record-high temperatures in 2015, and it turns out the rest of the world had its hottest year on record as well.
Worldwide Regional Leaders Join Gov. Brown In Signing Climate Change PactCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown and leaders from 11 other states and provinces are signing a pact on climate change that vows to reduce carbon emissions.
More Sick Sea Lion Pups Turning Up On California BeachesScientists say warmer coastal waters are forcing nursing mothers in the Channel Islands or Mexico to head out farther for food, leaving behind their young for too long.
Southern California Heat Wave Sets Record HighsSeveral Southern California cities broke decades-old heat records, with temperatures in the 80s.
Flash Flooding Strands Drivers In Southern CaliforniaHeavy downpours triggered flash floods that temporarily stranded more than three dozen people in their cars in inland Riverside County.
Southern California Sees Record-Breaking Thanksgiving HeatSan Diego's Lindbergh Field hit 85 degrees on Thursday, breaking a 111-year-old record by two degrees.
San Diego Eyes Recycling Wastewater For DrinkingSan Diego City Council expected to advance a plan to produce 83 million gallons of recycled water a day by 2035; one-third of the city's water supply.
U.S. Warming Quickest In Southwest, NortheastThe United States is warming fastest at two of its corners, in the Northeast and the Southwest, an analysis of federal temperature records shows.
Water Picture Improves For Some California TownsList of rural water systems with less than 2 months supply falls from 17 to 3.
Study: Antarctica Was Once As Warm As CaliforniaFossil evidence shows the Antarctic coastline averaged 57 degrees some 40-50 million years ago.
State Government Cuts Water UseCalifornia offices to reduce water use by 20 percent to help alleviate drought.