Country Music Struggles With Its Confederate Flag PastCountry artists are struggling to articulate their feelings about the Confederate flag's history and symbolism amid heightened debate following the recent massacre at a South Carolina church.
Nate, Cory, and Jason Ross Show - July 8th, 2015
California Rep. Introduces Proposal To Ban Confederate Flag In Federal CemeteriesThe House has voted to ban the display of Confederate flags at historic federal cemeteries in the deep South.
Confederate Flag Moves Inside Elk Grove Gun Shop After Protest“Why all of a sudden now it takes nine people to get shot now to throw a fit over a flag? It's been around for how many years?” he said. “Everybody started caving in. Saying that's a racist flag. But we don't believe it's a racist flag.”
NASCAR Chairman Wants Confederate Flag Eliminated At RacesCalling the Confederate flag an "insensitive symbol" he personally finds offensive, NASCAR chairman Brian France said the sport will be aggressive in disassociating the symbol from its events.
Drive-By Truckers, Lynyrd Skynyrd on the Confederate Flag's MeaningLynyrd Skynyrd began phasing use of the Confederate flag a few years ago. Another Southern band, the Drive-By Truckers, agrees. "It’s well past time for all the Southern states to move on."
Retailers Pull Confederate Flags, Apparel From Shelves After Deadly Charleston ShootingSacramento Flag Works’ Jim Zellars has a daily ritual of presenting a vast diversity of flags and believes, form the American Flag, to the LGBT pride flag.
State Assembly Approves Bill Banning Confederate Flag SalesCalifornia state government departments will be prohibited from selling or displaying items with an image of the Confederate flag under a bill that passed one house of the Legislature.