Local Pesticide Concerns Lead To Positive Changes In Public SchoolsOne Los Angeles mom created broad-based environmental change in California's public schools, ushering in a new era of health and toxin avoidance for kids.
California Theater Program Translates To Professional SuccessBy enhancing their theater program beyond an extra-curricular activity, students at Burlingame High School in the Bay Area are acquiring life skills in the drama department and utilizing them in their other classes.
LAUSD's Marching Band Performs For Disney While Motivating StudentsThe Los Angeles Unified School District has been putting together a marching band, featuring students from every high school in the city, for more than 40 years.
Orange County Youth Get Head Start In Fashion IndustryFashion Camp, an after-school program offered to fashionistas in Orange County’s public schools, turns the industry's top professionals into educators; encouraging many youngsters to follow their dreams in pursuing a career in fashion.
Homeless Children Succeed Using Innovative Mentoring In Southern CaliforniaNon-profit organization School on Wheels works with homeless children throughout Southern California, filling in the educational gaps at places like McDonalds and Starbucks.
Tackling World Hunger Becomes Goal Of Brawley's Public SchoolsIn Brawley, California, where unemployment rates are among the highest in the country, a group of high schoolers are taking measures to fight hunger in their home town as well as around the world.
Advocate For Deaf Culture Transforms Learning At Los Angeles SchoolInspired by assisting a deaf classmate when he was in high school, Marlton School's teacher Joe Rivera continues to triumph in his Los Angeles-based classroom using real-world examples in his lectures.
Computer Coding Effective Against Gang Violence In San Francisco SchoolsComputer coding is helping at-risk sixth graders at James Denman Middle School in San Francisco learn math and science while also keeping them out of gangs.
Standing Desks Improve Attention And Energy In California Public SchoolMontera Middle School in Oakland, California has seen multiple health benefits after adding standing desks to classrooms that also give students the power of choice.
Virtual Learning Program Leads The Tech Front In Palo Alto’s Public SchoolsSchoology, an award-winning learning management system, is showing how improvements in technology are making the area of education exponentially better in California.
Underperforming High School Turns Around With Digital Media ProgramsWith the help of Jeff Larson, Balboa High School went from being one of the lowest performing public schools to the top of Newsweek's America's Top Public Schools list.