'Can't Let Fear Stop Me': Cruise Ship Passenger Plans Travel As State ReopensShe encourages people to get the vaccine and even gets angry when some refuse the shot.
Mask Mandate Officially Ends In California, But Many Still Plan To Keep Them HandyWearing a mask is a habit that’s hard for some to completely get rid of.
Businesses Prepare For End Of COVID Restrictions, New Mask GuidelinesBusinesses are gearing up for the big change, but how close to normal can we expect things to get?
Restaurants Ready For State Reopening, Hoping Customers Are Eager To Dine-InCalifornia is coming back! It’s the final hours before the state reopens, but will tomorrow ​really look ​any different?
Businesses Prepare For New Mask GuidelinesThe COVID countdown to looser restrictions is now less than a week away.
California To Allow Sale Of To-Go Cocktails Through 2021Governor Gavin Newsom is in the Bay Area Thursday speaking to the media about the state's plan to support bars and restaurants after the state fully reopens on June, 15, according to his office. 
Even Vaccinated California Workers May Have To Keep Masks On After June 15The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board meets Thursday and will consider new workplace rules that would only allow workers to go maskless if everyone in a room is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.
Sacramento Businesses Get Creative To Deal With Staffing ShortageIn three weeks, the state of California is set to fully reopen. But with fewer people in the workforce, businesses won't be the same as they were before the pandemic.
More Normalcy Brings Needed Mood Booster To Mental HealthSmall venues are welcoming back crowds and from a mental health aspect, it couldn't come sooner. As life inches towards normalcy, many are taking a collective sigh of relief, but it can also bring some mixed emotions.
Counties Operating As If 'Color-Blind' To State Tier SystemCalifornia is coming back, announcing its clearest "end in sight" yet Tuesday. The state is laying out a date for lifting restrictions that have changed daily life throughout the pandemic.
Californians Eager To Return To Events As Virus, Infections Rates LowStarting April 15 loyal sports fans may be able to return to a large arena to cheer on their team after California lifts its ban on live indoor events.