Known Cougar Killed On San Francisco-Area FreewayThe large male cougar that rattled nerves when it spent much of a day behind a hedge in a Mountain View neighborhood earlier this year was struck and killed by a car on a San Francisco Bay Area freeway.
Wildlife Officials Say They Killed Mountain Lion That Attacked BoyThe 65-pound animal was shot and killed not far from the hiking trail where a six-year-old boy was mauled.
Live Traps Set For Mountain Lion That Attacked Boy In CupertinoFamily was hiking when the six-year-old was attacked; the child suffered bite wounds and scratches.
Police: Mountain Lion Spotted By Southwest Modesto ResidentsAuthorities are asking residents to be on the lookout after two possible mountain lion sightings in southwest Modesto.
Search For Fontana Dog-Killing Cougar Called Off Southern California authorities have ended the search for a mountain lion that killed a dog and repeatedly approached police officers.
Man's Claim of Bear Rescue Could Be HoaxSixty-nine-year-old Bob Biggs' claims of a lion attack made national news, but now could turn out to be false.
Man Says Bear Saved Him From Mountain Lion Attack In Butte CountyA 69-year-old local man says he has been hiking for decades. But on one recent outing along the Feather River in Butte County, a mountain lion pounced on him and knocked him to the ground.
Lawmaker Drops Effort To Remove Calif. Fish And Game Commissioner For Cougar KillingA California assemblyman is no longer seeking the removal of the state's Fish and Game Commission president over his killing of a mountain lion in Idaho.
Ethics Complaint Filed Against Fish And Game Commission Pres. Who Shot CougarThe president of California's Fish and Game Commission is facing an ethics complaint after coming under fire for killing a mountain lion in Idaho.