Pandemic Pulse: Mask Or No Mask? Sacramento Residents Remain DividedAs rules soften and crowds return, the debate on masks is reigniting.
California Schools Mask Mandate Ends, But Some Districts Will Still Have Requirement In Place For NowMasks are now optional on many public school campuses across California after the state’s indoor mandate ended on Monday.
'I Had Nightmares, I Sometimes Still Do': Frontline Worker Says Two Years Of Pandemic Had Toll On HerOne frontline worker spoke about how she's weathered the past two years and how she's feeling about the future.
Sac State Mask Mandate To End After March 18Citing a rapid decline in COVID-19 cases across the area, Sacramento State President Robert S. Neslen announced Thursday that the campus mask mandate will end after March 18.
Some Parents Urge Sac City Unified To Enforce Masks Until End Of School YearWith the California schools mask mandate set to expire in just a matter of days, a group of Sacramento City Unified parents have started a petition demanding the school district keep enforcing masks until the end of the school year.
Researchers: Highly Changed Coronavirus Variant Found In Deer After Nearly A Year In HidingAn Omicron-like variant of the virus that causes Covid-19 -- one that appears to be highly divergent from circulating strains and sticks out on a long branch of the virus' family tree -- has been discovered in a population of white-tailed deer in Ontario, Canada, according to a new study.
Will California's Ending Of School Mask Mandate Prevent Teacher Sickouts?The new guidance makes masks recommended but not required, regardless of vaccination status. But many school districts are already bucking state guidelines, voting not to enforce the mandate long before it ends. 
'It Only Takes One Mistake': HIV, STD Rates Rose During Pandemic In Sacramento CountyAs COVID-19 cases decline, healthcare professionals are worried about a different surge. National data shows HIV and STD cases rose during the pandemic, including in Sacramento County.
Court Orders Placerville Restaurant To Close For Operating Without Health PermitAn El Dorado County restaurant that defied state COVID-19 rules is being ordered to shut down.
Nevada Union High School Teachers 'No Show' After School Board Vote Lifts Mask EnforcementNevada Union High School was left so short-staffed by teachers' absences Wednesday, hundreds of students had to sit in the school auditorium to watch a movie instead.
State Sen. Pan To Introduce New COVID-19 Legislation For SchoolsState Senator Dr. Richard Pan is expected to unveil on Tuesday new legislation to keep schools open and safe for students.
Headstone Makers Struggle To Serve Grieving Families As Supply Chain Woes ContinueThe pandemic-fueled upheaval in the global supply chain is roiling the nation's monument industry at a time when demand for memorials is skyrocketing.
District: Not Enough Room For Unvaccinated Sac City Unified Students In Independent StudyThe Sacramento City Unified School District is backing off its plan to ban students not vaccinated for COVID-19 from the classroom.
'Endemic Approach' To Coronavirus Pandemic — What it Means for CaliforniansWhat is the difference between a pandemic and an endemic? According to experts, it's acknowledgement that COVID-19 won't disappear from the population. 
Local Restaurants Forced To Pivot Again As Omicron DeclinesThe Omicron surge is ending, but local restaurants are forced to pivot yet again to stay in business.