How Many People Are Wrongfully Sentenced To Death In California? As the fallout continues after Governor Gavin Newsom decided to halt the death penalty, the reasons behind the decision are coming to light. One of those reasons is the innocent people on death row
Inside An Execution: Watching Notorious Crips Leader Stanley 'Tookie' Williams DieOne of the last men to be executed in California was the notorious leader of the Crips gang, Stanley "Tookie" Williams in 2005. 
How Much Does A Death Row Inmate Cost?One of the driving factors to get rid of the death penalty is the high cost of inmates on death row.
Death Row Inmates Ask For Firing Squad After Electric Chair ExecutionFour Tennessee death row inmates are asking a federal court to allow them to have a firing squad used as an execution method.
Man On California Death Row Taken To Hospital, DiesA man on California death row has been found dead, prison officials say.
California Inmate On Death Row Since 1988 Dies In The HospitalA death row inmate died in the hospital, prison officials say.
California To Soon Decide If It Will Resume ExecutionsCalifornians face a watershed year as they prepare to decide whether to resume executions that stopped a decade ago or end them entirely.
Overseer: Death Row Psychiatric Unit's Practice Of Withholding Calls, Visits Discourages TreatmentThe state opened the 39-bed unit at San Quentin State Prison in October in response to a judge's ruling a year ago condemning a lack of proper mental health treatment for inmates.
Man Convicted Of Torture Slaying Of Sacramento Bartender Dies While Awaiting ExecutionState prison officials said Tuesday that 55-year-old Michael Lee Elliot died of undetermined causes Monday at a hospital near San Quentin State Prison. An autopsy is planned.
Judge Set To Sentence Convicted Serial Killer Joseph NasoJoseph Naso, the 79-year-old former photographer convicted of the decades-old killings of four women in Northern California, is scheduled to be sentenced Friday.
San Quentin Death Row Inmate From Contra Costa County Found Dead In CellA San Quentin death row inmate from Contra Costa County was found dead in his cell late Sunday evening.