Disabled Woman Claims Delta Airlines Tied Her To A WheelchairA woman with multiple sclerosis says Delta employees tied her to a wheelchair after the airline failed to provide the flyer with the appropriate handicapped services
Delta Flies Puppy Across The Country To The Wrong AirportAn Idaho man says his new 8-week-old puppy appears happy and healthy despite being flown across the country to the wrong airport -- landing in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City before finally arriving in his arms Sunday.
States Court Delta After Georgia Dumps Tax Break Plan Over Company's NRA StanceThe Republican-controlled Georgia Legislature approved a tax bill Thursday that eliminated the proposal of a fuel tax break that would primarily benefit Delta.
Delta Airlines Tells Ann Coulter Her Insults Are 'Unacceptable'Delta Airlines has pushed back at Ann Coulter after the conservative commentator berated the carrier on Twitter over a changed seat assignment.
Delta Grounds Flights Due To Systems ProblemsDelta Air Lines has grounded flights and predicted widespread cancellations Monday, disrupting the travel plans of thousands of passengers, after a power outage hit its computer systems globally.
2 Same Flights, 2 Different Prices: Frequent Flyer DiscrepanciesMinnesota’s largest airline is making changes after we uncovered frequent flyers were paying more for some plane tickets.
Delta Jet Makes An Emergency Landing At Sacramento International AirportA jet made a safe emergency landing at Sacramento International Airport this morning after reporting trouble with its landing gear.