Trump Administration Says They Oppose Delta Tunnels ProjectThe decision reverses the Obama administration's backing for the initiative.
Critical Audit Another Hit To $16 Billion Delta Tunnels ProjectThe "unexpected complexity" of the project has resulted in significant delays and cost increases, auditors said.
Millions Of Californians On Hook For Delta Tunnels PlanOpponents say the tunnels could further threaten struggling native species and drain Northern California dry.
Audit: $84M In Taxpayer Funds Improperly Used For Water Tunnel ProjectA new federal audit says the U.S. government improperly spent $84 million to help plan for California's massive proposed water project.
Delta Tunnels Project Wins First Crucial Approval From Wildlife AgencyThe project would suck part of the Sacramento River into two four-story-high tunnels running below the river's delta with the San Joaquin River.
Court Delays Delta Land Buy By Southern California Water UtilityTwo delta counties on Tuesday won a restraining order the day before escrow was set to close on Metropolitan Water District's $175 million deal for 20,000 acres.
Delta Tunnel Project Under Environmental ReviewOfficials have released environmental reports supporting a proposal to build two large tunnels to send fresh water around California's delta.
Gov. Brown To Delta Tunnel Critics: 'Shut Up, Because You Don't Know What The Hell You're Talking About'Tunnels critic Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla says the real experts are people who live and work in the Delta. She says they won't go away, and they won't shut up.
War Over California Delta Rekindled As Gov. Jerry Brown Unveils New PlanDeclaring “The very fabric of a modern California is at stake,” Brown laid out his plan for spending $15 billion on 30-mile tunnels. The new plan scales back the environmental restoration from 100,000 acres and $8 billion to 30,000 acres and $300 million.