Rocker Bret Michaels Visits Sacramento To Back Diabetes Awareness ProposalSinger Bret Michaels is showing his support for a California bill that would require schools to share more information with parents and children about Type 1 diabetes.
Report: Insulin Pumps Have Most Reported Problems In FDA DatabaseIn terms of injuries alone, insulin pumps were second only to metal hip replacements.
After Intermittent Fasting, These 3 Men No Longer Take Insulin For Diabetes -- But Experts Stress CautionThree men with Type 2 diabetes used "intermittent fasting" to reverse their dependence on insulin, according to a report published Tuesday -- but you shouldn't try it without medical supervision, experts say.
Diet Soda, Sweeteners Can Still Cause Diabetes, Study FindsA study of rats has revealed that artificial sweeteners, commonly used in zero-calorie sodas, actually did as much harm to the body as a high-sugar diet.
Starbucks Customer Says Message On His Cup ‘Struck A Nerve’A Starbucks customer in Florida says a message written on his receipt left a sour note.
Mom Worries 'Hotel Transylvania 2' Diabetes Joke Will Make Her Son A Target For Bullies“Hotel Transylvania 2” is about vampires and monsters and, it’s supposed to be cute. But Alicia Pescetti is horrified by one scene.
Reports: 'Eight Is Enough' Dad Dick Van Patten Dies At Age 86Actor Dick Van Patten has died, according to reports.
Family Raising Awareness Of Type 1 Diabetes To Help Find A Cure For Their SonJoseph Pescetti, 5, plays like a little kid with no limitations. But his mother Alicia and father Anthony are always monitoring his health.
Will The Tax On Sugary Drinks Fizz Out?If two of the most progressive U.S. cities don't pass a tax on sugary drinks, will the idea finally fizzle out?
SF Lawmakers Float 2 Cent-Per-Ounce Soda TaxSan Francisco officials again are trying to improve residents' health and raise money for government coffers by taxing soda and other sweetened drinks, an effort that's previously failed to gain traction locally and in other U.S. cities.
Calif. Herbal Doc Promising Cancer Cure SentencedA Los Angeles doctor was sentenced Friday to 14 years in federal prison for bilking patients out of more than $1 million by promising them that an herbal supplement she hawked could cure late-stage cancer and other diseases.