Caught Texting While Driving? Get Ready For A Point On Your RecordDistracted driving accounts for about ten percent of all deadly crashes and now California drivers caught texting or holding a phone may have a point added to their record.
Texting While Driving May Add A Point To Your Record, But Only If You're Caught TwiceDrivers may get a point added to their record if they're caught driving while texting or holding a cell phone.
Woodland Police Use Facebook And Humor To Bring Awareness To Distracted DrivingThe Woodland Police Department is doing its part to draw attention to this serious issue.
Widow Of Fallen CHP Officer Speaking Out Against Distracted DrivingKeri Griess supports a new bill in the legislature which would increase penalties for those caught talking or texting while driving.
New Bill Aims To Increase Penalty For Using Cell Phone While DrivingA new bill aims to increase the penalty for using your cell phone behind the wheel. 
Using Your Phone While Driving May Add Point To Your Driving RecordDriving while texting or holding your cell phone may earn you a point on your driving record.
Majority of Drivers Use Commute for "Me-Time"Nearly 80% of people use their commute for "me-time" and relaxation, according to a survey
Distracted Driving May Add A Point to Your Driving RecordDriving while using a cell phone may now add a point to your driving record.
Feds Wants Phone Makers To Lock Out Most Apps For DriversThe government wants smartphone makers to lock out most apps when the phone is being used by someone driving a car.
Study: More Californians Using Their Cellphones While DrivingCalifornia are using their cellphones more behind the wheel this year as compared to last year, according to a recent study.
Speed, Distracted Driving Blamed In Madison Avenue CrashA man is in the hospital after he crashed his car overnight, reportedly distracted by the burrito he was eating, say authorities.