Most Creative Cocktails In SacramentoWhile some may argue that you cannot have a list of creative cocktails without including a fire hazard, the talented mixologists in Sacramento have something else in mind. For these individuals, creativity is about finding a unique blend of flavors while looking outside of the box. No matter what you order, Sacramento will not disappoint.
Best Bars For Black Wednesday In SacramentoAre you finished with the Thanksgiving preparations and looking to catch up with friends who have come into town for the holiday? Check out one of these five Sacramento hot spots for this year's Black Wednesday.
Best Piano Bars In SacramentoSacramento's best piano bars run the gamut of entertainment, from loud and eccentric, to classy and sophisticated. Head to Midtown and visit an extraordinary mobile piano bar and one-man band, or find an open stool at your favorite local dive bar.
Best Bars With Bottle Service In SacramentoThese posh Sacramento night spots are the preeminent after-dark venues for the 21-and-over crowd looking for upscale entertainment and premium bottle service.
Citizen Scene Spotter: Tips about Sacramento’s Nightlife, RussellRussell was headed North on J Street on a Saturday night when I approached him about being our next Sacramento Scene Spotter. Luckily he had the time, the insight, and the willingness to share it with me.
Sacramento's K Street Finally ThrivingMillions of dollars that have been poured into downtown Sacramento is giving it some new life.
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Best Bars With Jukeboxes in SacramentoIt’s a great thing to be able to enjoy a cocktail while you listen to the kind of music you like, be it country, rap, rock, or even Motown. Luckily, you don’t have to sit at home to be able to do so, since there are a handful of bars in Sacramento that provide jukeboxes for your listening pleasure.
Trifecta Of Businesses Set To Open On K StreetThe K Street redevelopment project has been going on for years, but now some destination businesses are opening, which is a good sign but it could be short lived.
Sacramento's Best Theme BarsSports bars and pubs are a few types of theme bars, but are fairly common. Not so common: a speakeasy and mermaids.