DNA Test Reunites Brothers After 70 YearsTwo brothers have reunited after 70 years, thanks to a DNA test.
You Might Not Be Anonymous, Thanks To Genealogy DatabasesBased on the success of identifying the Golden State Killer suspect, the long-range familial search is poised to become a standard investigative tool
23andme DNA Results To Be Used By Glaxo For New Drug ResearchIf you gave up a saliva swab to find out your ancestry, your genes might now be used in pharmaceutical research.
Call Kurtis Investigates: The Unintended Consequences Of At-Home DNA Tests
East Area Rapist Suspect's Attorney Asks For Cease To DNA CollectionThe defense attorney made a surprising request that the court stop law enforcement from collecting any more DNA or pictures of Joseph DeAngelo’s private parts.
DNA Created Tie To East Area Rapist, But Where Did It Come From?Catching the East Area Rapist came down to diligent detective work through the use of DNA samples submitted to genealogical websites.
Ancestry.com DNA Test Finds Fertility Doctor Is Woman's Actual Father, Lawsuit SaysThe shocking revelations came about after the woman's daughter, now 36 years old, took a DNA test and learned that her biological father was a complete stranger.
California Could Soon Get Access To More Inmate DNAA proposed ballot initiative attempts to keep prisoners locked up, and get more DNA into state databases.
Suspected Burglar Tracked Down From DNA Left In Victim's ToiletA man accused of burglarizing a Southern California home took a bathroom break and left DNA evidence in the toilet that led to his arrest, an investigator said Tuesday.
Police Departments Across US Amass Their Own DNA DatabasesPolice departments across the U.S. are amassing DNA databases that critics say skirt stringent laws and regulations that govern the nationwide DNA database and state crime labs.
Law Enforcement Investigators Seek Out Private DNA Databases