Sacramento Shooting Challenges Downtown's Rebuilding EffortsThe mass shooting that police say was a gun battle between rival gangs that left six dead and 12 wounded earlier this month shook downtown Sacramento — and created another challenge for a city trying to redefine itself as a destination for more than just government workers.
Law Reduced Prison Time For Man Tied To Sacramento ShootingA suspect arrested in connection with last weekend's mass shooting outside bars in Sacramento served less than half his 10-year sentence because of voter-approved changes to state law that lessened the punishment for his felony convictions and provided a chance for earlier release.
Explainer: Sacramento Gang Shooting Killed 6, Wounded 12Six people were killed and 12 wounded in Sacramento last weekend in what police say was a shootout between rival gangs as bars closed and patrons crowded in the streets just blocks from the California state Capitol.
Sacramento Police Interacted With Suspects Hours Before K Street Killings — Was It A Missed Opportunity?The Sacramento Police Department is sharing a timeline of their interaction with the suspects before Sunday morning’s war in the streets of downtown that left six people dead and 12 people hurt.
Sacramento Nightlife Beefs Up Security Just Days Removed From Downtown ShootingThe first weekend since Sacramento’s mass shooting has downtown nightlife on edge. Keeping customers and staff safe is priority number one for businesses in the area.
Defendant Daviyonne Dawson Appears Before Judge, Avoids Reporter Questions About Sacramento Mass ShootingHis arraignment was continued to April 26 for a court date the judge said he could appear along with other possible defendants in the mass shooting case.
Community Pushes To Provide Assistance To Homeless Hero Tim Langer Who Saved Young Women During Sacramento ShootingThere was chaos during Sunday's shooting in Sacramento, but during those moments, there was also bravery – especially with one homeless man who saved a group of young women. Now, the community is hoping to return the favor.
Community Pushes For Proper Burial For Homeless Sacramento Shooting Victim Melinda DavisMelinda Davis was sleeping on 10th Street when she was caught in the crossfire during Sunday's shooting in downtown Sacramento. Now, the community is pushing to get her a proper burial and make sure her life is not forgotten.
Homeless Hero Lauded For Protecting Young Ladies During Sacramento Shooting Details What HappenedThat man, Tim Langer, is now speaking out on his act of heroism and details what happened when he protected a man's daughter and her friends when gunfire erupted.
Deadly Sacramento Shooting Renews Gun Reform DebateThe deadly mass shooting in downtown Sacramento is reigniting calls for more gun control in California. The state already has some of the strictest restrictions, but gun rights advocates are blaming elected officials for not being tough on crime
In Wake Of Sacramento Shooting, New Bill Would Empower California Citizens To Sue Over Illegal FirearmsFor all of California's nation-leading attempts to regulate firearms, the state has not found a way to deter those happy to skirt the laws with stolen or homemade and increasingly prevalent “ghost” guns.