Survivors Ready For The Future After Golden State Killer Is Sentenced To Life In PrisonWhat DeAngelo had to say was short and unsatisfying to the survivors and district attorneys. They said this is just an example of a man who has no empathy for others or regard for human life.
'I Will Never Be The Same Person': Ex-Wife Of Golden State Killer Submits Victim Impact StatementFor the first time, DeAngelo’s ex-wife Sharon Huddle is talking about her pain. CBS13 obtained her victim impact statement, which will not be read in court.
Family Members Of Murder Victims Assail Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngeloTearful family members of people killed by Joseph DeAngelo assailed him Thursday for stealing away their loved ones as he escalated his attacks from burglaries and rapes to a series of horrific murders that terrorized California four decades ago.
Could The Pandemic Postpone Golden State Killer's Transfer To Prison?It turns out DeAngelo may not be moving to a state prison right away.
Victims Want Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo Sent To Toughest PrisonVictims of California serial killer and rapist Joseph DeAngelo want him locked away in a distant maximum security prison with other inmates since he isn't going to spend the rest of his life on death row.
Golden State Killer Survivor Victor Hayes Calls Out Auburn Police In Victim Impact TestimonyHayes poured his heart out for nearly an hour, for the most part without notes.
'Why Would One Do Such Shameful Deeds?' Emotional Victim Testimony In Golden State Killer CaseOne after another, Golden State Killer survivors and their families delivered their emotional accounts in court Tuesday, confronting Joseph James DeAngelo ahead of his formal sentencing.
Golden State Killer Victims 'Take Back Their Power' In CourtStories of pain and survival were told in court Tuesday as victims faced the Golden State Killer, Joseph DeAngelo.
Golden State Killer Faces His Victims In 1st Day Of HearingsThe Golden State Killer, a former police officer in California who eluded capture for four decades, faces his victims in court Tuesday on the first of four days of hearings before he is sentenced to life in prison.
Genetic Genealogy Used To Crack Golden State Killer Case Opened Door For More Than 150 Cold CasesIt’s estimated that more than 150 violent cold case suspects have been identified using genetic genealogy since the arrest of the Golden State Killer.
Retired Officer Recounts Decades-Long Search For East Area RapistThey chased him for years, hiding out where he was known to strike, hoping one day they'd catch him.