San Joaquin County Man Gets Jail Time For EDD FraudA San Joaquin County man is headed to jail for EDD fraud.
Governor Signs EDD Privacy Law After 5-Year CBS13 InvestigationGov. Gavin Newsom signed a law Friday that will finally force the Employment Development Department (EDD) to stop putting people at risk of identity theft by mailing full Social Security numbers (SSN).
Holding EDD Accountable for Identity Theft: Lawmakers Pass New Law Citing 5-Year CBS13 InvestigationCiting our reporting, lawmakers passed a bill that will force the Employment Development Department to stop putting people at risk of identity theft by mailing full Social Security numbers, a practice that is already against the law.
Fraud Arrests Made Over California’s Unemployment BenefitsInvestigators unraveling an identity fraud scheme targeting California’s unemployment system have arrested 44 people in Beverly Hills this month alone, officials said Thursday.
Coronavirus Unemployment: Is The EDD Putting People At Risk Of Identity Theft?Following reports of wide-spread mail fraud, there are new concerns that the Employment Development Department is putting millions at risk of identity theft by mailing full social security numbers (SSN) on unemployment documents, in violation of state law.
Coronavirus Unemployment: Is EDD Fighting Fraud At The Expense Of The Unemployed?In an effort to stop fraud, the Employment Development Department may be further delaying payments to people who have been waiting months for legitimate unemployment claims.
Coronavirus Unemployment: Where’s My $400 Federal Unemployment Extension?Now that the $600 federal unemployment extension has come to an end, many are wondering when they’ll get the $400 extension ordered by the president.
Coronavirus Unemployment: Did EDD Make Misleading Payment Claims To Lawmakers?CBS13 has now confirmed that there are many more Californians who are still waiting for payments as the EDD counted people "who received at least one payment" as "paid."
Coronavirus Unemployment: EDD Grilled Over Failures In Legislative HearingThe Employment Development Department was in the hot seat Thursday as lawmaker’s grilled agency leaders about their unemployment failures amid the pandemic.
California Lawmakers Slam Employment Agency For Slow PayoutsCalifornia lawmakers accused the leader of the state's unemployment department of failing the public in a tense hearing Thursday that featured stories of people waiting weeks or months to receive their benefits after losing their jobs because of the pandemic.
California Lawmakers Holding Hearing On Unemployment BacklogLawmakers will hold a hearing over the Employment Development Department (EDD) backlog Wednesday as a new report shows the magnitude of the problem. 
Coronavirus Unemployment: Are Politicians 'Playing Politics' To Keep State Auditor Out Of The EDD?As millions wait months for missing unemployment checks from the Employment Development Department, some Sacramento politicians are being accused of “playing politics” to keep the Independent State Auditor out of the EDD.
Coronavirus Unemployment: EDD Pawning Off People With Problems On Lawmakers?CBS13 has learned EDD representatives are telling people to contact lawmakers for help instead of helping the claimants themselves.
Coronavirus Unemployment: Will Another Audit Fix the EDD?From catastrophic call center failures to missing unemployment payments, this is not the first time California's EDD has faced widespread criticism amid the unemployment crisis. Lawmakers are calling for yet another EDD audit — but is it enough to fix the agency?
Coronavirus Unemployment: Reopening Claims Amid 2nd Shutdown, Some Still Waiting For Benefits From 1st ShutdownWe’re 18 weeks into the pandemic and many who are still waiting for their unemployment from the first round of closures now have to re-file as their industries close again.