Earth's Super-Sized El Nino Is Over; Coming Up, La NinaThis year's monstrous El Nino, nicknamed Godzilla by NASA, is dead. It heated up the globe, but didn't quite end California's four-year drought.
El Nino Weakens, Here Comes La Nina, Meteorologists SayIn the midst of an epic El Nino, federal meteorologists say its flip side, La Nina, is around the corner.
Is California's Godzilla El Nino-That-Wasn't Giving Way To La Nina?The National Weather Service says the extreme tropical temperatures that broke records early this year have tapered off. They say it’s showing signs of a shifting to the Pacific’s other phase, La Nina.
California Ponders Future Of Water ConservationTaking a regional approach to saving water in California's drought, state regulators suggest relaxing or dropping conservation orders for El Nino-soaked Northern Californians, while keeping in place strict rules for residents of drier Southern California.
Water Cutbacks Ease As California Drought LoosensIt's the third such increase in recent months. The easing of cutbacks could affect up to two-thirds of California's nearly 40 million people, and just under a million acres of irrigated farmland.
California Rain Swells Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls And DamsThe early March deluge is swelling lakes, waterfalls, rivers and dams and outdoor recreation will benefits in the months to come.
Southern California Tries Cloud Seeding For First Time Since 2002Clouds over Los Angeles County were seeded with silver iodide to try to increase the amount of rainfall during Monday's storm.
Rain And Wind Make A Mess Of Northern CaliforniaThe first West Coast waves of a week of powerful storms arrived to provide strong evidence March will not be as parched as the month that preceded it.
Heavy Rains, High Winds Moving Across Northern CaliforniaWaves of rain fell on California late Friday in a prelude to a powerful storm system expected to have heavy effects on much of the country in the week to come.
Get Ready For A Super Soaking This WeekendThe National Weather Service says California's withering winter dry spell will end this weekend as a series of storms move through the state.
El Niño Has Left Much Of Drought-Stricken California In DustEl Niño has so far left much of drought-stricken California in the dust, delivering a few quick storms but not yet bringing the legendary rain previously linked to the periodic ocean-warming phenomenon.