Chemical Spill Forces Evacuations In MantecaMandatory evacuations are underway after a large chemical spill in the city of Manteca.
Stockton Costco Evacuated Because Of Freon LeakThe Costco in Stockton has been evacuated because of a Freon leak.
Package Containing Dog Poop Causes Hazmat Scare At Franchise Tax BoardEmployees at the Franchise Tax Board in Sacramento are back at work after being evacuated of over a strange substance that turned out to be dog poop.
Deputies Injured During Reported Inmate Escape Attempt At Solano County CourthouseThree Solano County Sheriff’s Department deputies were taken to the hospital Monday to be treated for injuries after an incident at the Solano County courthouse in Fairfield.
Homes Evacuated After Explosion Rocks Tracy ResidenceTwenty homes in Tracy were evacuatTracy fire and police investigators are still trying to piece together the details that led to the blast at the home in the 1300 block of Crossroads Drive at around 3:30 p.m., say Tracy police. ed for over an hour after an explosion went off inside.
Van Hits Natural Gas Line In Stockton, Forcing EvacuationsResidents at a Stockton apartment complex had a rude wake-up Tuesday after a van hit a natural gas line, forcing them from their apartments.
UPDATE: Federal Building Cleared After Package ExaminedA building in downtown Sacramento was evacuated and streets were blocked off Monday afternoon after reports of a suspicious package that turned out to be electronics, according to officials.
Dynamite Discovered In Old Barn Forces Evacuation In JacksonPeople living in Jackson are now heading back home after demolition crews found dynamite in an abandoned barn forcing a short evacuation.
Two Woodland Cannery Employees Remain HospitalizedTwo employees of a tomato cannery remained hospitalized and 300 were evacuated after chlorine gas leaked from a sanitizing machine into the work area.
Residents Return Home After Gas Leak In Fair OaksA dozen Fair Oaks residents are back in their homes after a gas leak forced them out Wednesday morning.
Pollock Pines Businesses Suffering Under Weight Of SnowThe sun may be out, but several business in Pollock Pines are still dealing with the aftermath from last week’s storms.