Kids Jeopardizing Their Health By Not Getting Enough Exercise, Study SaysIt used to be childhood was probably the most active time of our lives. Well, not so much anymore.
Working Out Too Much Could Lead To Impulsive Eating, Rash Purchasing DecisionsIt turns out that overworking your brain with either physical or mental exercise may lower your ability to delay self-gratification. And that may set you up for poor choices in your eating habits, self-care and finances.
Study: Too Much Exercise Could Lead To Bad Decisions On What You Eat And BuyIt turns out that overworking your brain with either physical or mental exercise may lower your ability to delay self-gratification. 
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Want To Avoid An Early Death? Get Moving, A Study SaysThe medical journal BMJ published a report today that links higher levels of physical activity at any intensity to a lower risk of early death in middle-age and older people.
Your Lifestyle Can Lower Your Dementia Risk, Even If You Have High Genetic Risk, Study SaysA good diet and ample exercise don't just help your waistline. Healthy lifestyle factors may also help lower your risk of dementia, even if you have a higher genetic risk, according to a study published Sunday in the medical journal JAMA.
Just 4,400 Steps A Day Tied To Women Living Longer, Study SaysWe've all heard the advice to take 10,000 steps a day, but is that precise number really necessary to reap health rewards?
'Move More, Sit Less,' Government Says In New Exercise GuidelinesGuidelines released Monday by the federal government show that most Americans are not getting the exercise they need.
Not Exercising Worse For Your Health Than Smoking, Diabetes And Heart Disease, Study RevealsDr. Wael Jaber, a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic and senior author of the study, called the results "extremely surprising."
Regular Exercise Can Take Away 'Years Of Damage' From Laziness And Doing Nothing, Study SaysA new study has revealed that the statement 'it's never too late to get in shape' actually does hold water after all.