Coronavirus No-No: State Treasurer Posts Photo Posing Inside Sacramento Restaurant BoothIt’s a Facebook flub, showcasing a failure at social distancing from one of the highest elected officeholders in the state.
Facebook Bans Ads With False Claims About CoronavirusFacebook said Wednesday that it is banning ads that make false claims about products tied to the new coronavirus.
Sacramento Sheriff Loses Facebook Fight Over First AmendmentSacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones lost his battle to ban Black Lives Matters leaders from his Facebook page.
Facebook Rumor About White Vans Is Spreading Fear Across AmericaTerrifying rumors initially propelled by Facebook's algorithms have sparked fears that men driving white vans are kidnapping women all across the US.
Facebook, Instagram Service Being Restored After Thanksgiving Day OutageFacebook has identified the cause of outages that left some users in the United States unable to post photos or answer messages on Facebook or Instagram during part of Thanksgiving holiday Thursday.
California Discloses Facebook Probe, Sues For DocumentsCalifornia's attorney general disclosed an ongoing probe into Facebook's privacy practices Wednesday, as it sued the company over its repeated refusal to turn over documents and answer questions.
Man Registers To Run For California Governor In 2022 To Test Facebook’s False Ads PolicyA San Francisco man tried to call out Facebook's controversial false ads policy by running false ads of his own.
California Will Not Require Social Media Sites To Get Parental Permission For Children Under 13A plan to require social media sites to get a parent or guardian's permission before letting a person under age 13 create an account failed in the California State Assembly.
Facebook Debuts Vaccine Pop-Up Windows To Stop The Spread Of MisinformationA new feature is rolling out on Facebook and Instagram to combat the spread of anti-vaccine misinformation.
Facebook Face Recognition Feature To Replace Tag SuggestionsFacebook says it is ending its practice of using face recognition software to identify users' friends in uploaded photos and automatically suggesting they "tag" them.
Nearly Every Child Has Online Presence By Age TwoNearly every two-year-old (92%) in the United States has an online presence and that presence, oftentimes, started before the child was even born.