California Pension Fund Wants To Join Facebook LawsuitCalifornia's teacher pension fund says it wants to join a lawsuit seeking to change Facebook's corporate governance practices.
Facebook Reportedly Offers Media Outlets Millions To License ContentFacebook has reportedly offered several news outlets millions of dollars in exchange for the rights to display their content in a news section it plans on adding.
FBI Wants To Monitor Facebook, Instagram For Domestic Threats In Real TimeThe FBI has quietly been searching for private contractors who could gather and feed to law enforcement tremendous amounts of user data straight from social media platforms.
California Lawmakers Consider New Rules For Political AdsElections come and go, but the season for political advertising sometimes seems to never end.
Facebook Down: Users Reporting Posting Problems On Facebook, InstagramFacebook and Instagram users around the world are reporting problems with the social media sites Wednesday morning. 
Facebook Announces Civil Rights Task Force To Fight Meddling In 2020 Election And Census (CNN) -- Facebook has launched a civil rights task force and an election monitoring center to guard against interference in the 2020 presidential campaign and census, the tech giant said Sunday.
Facebook To Make Jobs, Credit Ads SearchableFacebook says it plans to make advertisements for U.S. jobs and loans and credit card offers searchable for all users.
Truckee Man Shot Over Argument That Began On FacebookIt’s a Facebook face-off, a heated exchange on the social media site didn’t stop at the keypad.
Facebook's Currency Libra Faces Financial, Privacy PushbackFacebook is getting a taste of the regulatory pushback it will face as it creates a new digital currency with corporate partners.
Sutter Health Accused Of Sharing Private Patient Information With Social Media CompaniesSutter Health is being sued, accused of secretly sharing patients' private information with Facebook, Google, Twitter and other third parties. 
Facebook Will Require That Contractors Be Paid Higher WagesFacebook is raising the wages of contractors in some areas and adding benefits for those doing certain jobs, as it and other tech companies face questions over how such workers are treated.