Sacramento Couple Visits With Woman They Saved From Burning CarIn an emotional meeting, A Fairfield grandmother reunited with the Sacramento couple that saved her life and her grandchildren from a burning car.
Fairfield Man Arrested For Shooting That Struck Occupied ResidenceFairfield police said a 23-year-old Nakita Hubbard has been arrested in connection with a shooting that happened Monday morning in a residential area of the city.
Travis AFB Sending More Teams To Help With Aftermath Of Hurricane MichaelTravis Air Force Base is sending out more help for Hurricane Michael relief.
Toddler Wandering In Street Saved By Man Who Just Missed Her With CarRicky Lynn has a safety-first mentality that was born out of tragedy. He lost his 7-year-old niece over the summer after she was hit and killed while crossing the street.
Fairfield Police Offering $500 For Info About Guns On Or Near Schools Fairfield Police Department is hoping to cut down on crime with cash: $500 dollars is being offered to anyone with information about someone carrying a gun on or near campus.
Firefighters Working On Two-Alarm Structure Fire In FairfieldHeavy smoke can be seen in the area, people are asked to avoid the area while they battle the fire.
Elderly Man Stabbed In Chest While Leaving Lunch Date With WifeHe says at first he thought he was punched until he looked down and saw a blade sticking out of his chest.
CHP: Two Sacramento Police Officers Injured In Multi-Vehicle AccidentAccording to CHP Solano, the accident happened around 3 p.m. when an unmarked Sacramento police car rear-ended another unmarked police car causing a chain reaction.