Northern California Farmers Bracing For Drastic Water RestrictionsFarmers are facing a water shortage right as we head into peak growing season. It's hitting their bottom line -- and potentially yours.
California Targets Critical Farmworkers For VaccinationsThe fight to end the coronavirus' devastation throughout California's heartland extends to the Mexico border, where migrant farmworkers heading north to pick lettuce, broccoli, carrots and other crops are offered vaccination as soon as they enter the United States.
Some Local Farmers Struggling, Others Making Up For Losses During Coronavirus OutbreakWith people reluctant to buy from the grocery store or even hesitant to meet the crowds at the farmer’s market, D’Agostini has been inundated with people wanting individual orders for their families.
Weekend Storms Bring Allergy Relief, Problems For FarmersWhile many look forward to the allergy relief, some farmers CBS13 talked to are worried about their crops.
Cherry Farmers Predicting A Record Harvest Are Concerned There Won't Be Enough Labor To Pick The Crop It could be a record year for San Joaquin Valley Cherry Farmers if the weather continues to cooperate until harvest next month. 
Farmers Concerned About Cold Snap On The Heels Of Warm WeatherFarmers around the Sacramento region are gearing up for the freezing weather.
Robotic Fruit Pickers May Help Orchards With Worker ShortageSPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Harvesting Washington state's vast fruit orchards each year requires thousands of farmworkers, and many of them work illegally in the United States.
Central Valley Citrus Groves Dodge Hard FreezeCalifornia's citrus industry in the Central Valley dodged a hard freeze feared during recent cold nights. Temperatures in the San Joaquin Valley dipped to the high 20s and low 30s, ideal for most types of citrus for short periods.
Calif. Easing Water Restrictions For Some FarmersCalifornia is easing water restrictions on some of those with the state's strongest water rights.
State Water Board Accepts Voluntary 25 Percent Cut From Senior Water Rights HoldersThe State Water Resources Control Board approved a proposal from senior right holders in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to voluntarily cut back water use.
Edible Insects Benefiting Thailand's FarmersDepending solely on the rains to either yield a good rice crop or leave their fields dry and barren, farmers in this village in northeastern Thailand, the country's poorest region, led a precarious and back-breaking existence.