Farmers Deal Huge Blow To Proposed Delta Tunnels ProjectGov. Jerry Brown and other tunnel proponents are facing the prospect that the project may end up just a pipe dream.
Modesto Farmer Who Plowed Wetlands Agrees To $1.1M PenaltyA California farmer has agreed to pay $1.1 million for disturbing streams and wetlands after he challenged federal environmental regulations for years.
California's Booming Almond Crop Hits 1 Million AcresCalifornia's almond boom has hit 1 million acres, covering a total area bigger than the state of Rhode Island.
Delta Tunnels Project Wins First Crucial Approval From Wildlife AgencyThe project would suck part of the Sacramento River into two four-story-high tunnels running below the river's delta with the San Joaquin River.
California Farm Board Backs Ruling On Election InterferenceThe California farm labor board has upheld a court ruling that one of the nation's largest fruit growers interfered as employees were deciding whether to reject union representation.
California Farms Receive Mixed Water AllotmentsFederal officials say farmers in Northern California can expect to receive all of their requested water deliveries this year, while those to the south will likely receive a fraction.
Farmers In California Delta Beat Goal For Saving WaterOfficials say a group of Northern California farmers has exceeded a voluntary target set for conserving water during historic drought.
California Almonds Dropping In PriceAlmond prices in California have dropped significantly in the past few months.
House Passes Bill To Bring More Water To California FarmsThe House has passed GOP-led legislation designed to bring more water to California's farm belt at a time of severe drought.
California Farmers Say They Will Plant Fewer Water-Sucking CropsDozens of California farmers aiming to meet voluntary water conservation targets submitted plans to the state saying they intend to plant less thirsty crops and leave some fields unplanted amid the relentless drought.
Manure-Covered Car Helps Deputies Spot Suspected VandalsA couple of suspected vandals chased away from a farm were not able to make a clean getaway, deputies say.