EDD: California Federal Workers' Unemployment Claims Up 600% From Last YearAs the longest federal government shutdown in history continues, an increasing number of federal employees in California have applied for unemployment benefits.
Current Shutdown Breaks Record For Longest Government Shutdown In US HistoryThe ongoing partial government shutdown entered its 22nd day on Saturday, breaking the record to become the longest government shutdown in US history.
Coast Guard Wife: "Build The Wall, Don't Build The Wall. But Pay Our Husbands"The U.S. Coast Guard is the only military branch that doesn't get paid during the government shutdown because it is part of the Department of Homeland Security.
Are You A Federal Worker Not Getting A Check Due To The Government Shutdown?Are you a federal worker in the Sacramento area that is not getting a paycheck because of the government shutdown?
Joshua Tree Park Remaining Open Despite Government ShutdownCalifornia's Joshua Tree National Park won't be closing because of the partial government shutdown after all.
Government Shutdown Impacting Wineries, Slowing Approval Of New LabelsThe government shutdown is causing concern for people in the wine industry as the agency responsible for approving the labels you see on bottles remains closed.
President Trump To Make Prime Time Address On Border Security TuesdayCBS News will air the president's address, scheduled for 9 p.m. ET.
Government Shutdown Creating Headache For Taxpayers, IRS Can't Pay Out Tax RefundsAmericans may find themselves missing an agency they usually love to hate if the government shutdown persists: the Internal Revenue Service.
The Federal Government Partially Shut Down For The Third Time In A YearParts of the federal government shut down at midnight after Congress and the White House failed to reach a deal Friday night to avert the shuttering of several departments.
Senate Moderates To Pitch Leaders On Plan To End ShutdownNothing has been agreed to, the lawmakers said Sunday, and there were no indications that leaders of either party or the White House were on board.
The Government Shutdown Could Impact Your Tax ReturnThe IRS released its contingency plan should the shutdown last into filing season. Here are some of the services that will be affected.