TSA: Friday May Be Busiest Day Ever For Airport ScreeningsReady for a Fourth of July getaway? You might want to leave plenty of extra time for getting through airport security.
Jordanian Airline Says Laptops, iPads, Other Electronics Won't Be Allowed In Carry-On Luggage On Flights To USRoyal Jordanian Airlines is advising passengers that laptops, iPads, cameras and other electronics won't be allowed in carry-on luggage for U.S.-bound flights starting Tuesday.
Fliers' Carry-On Luggage Space Could Be ShrinkingMillions of travelers may have to buy new luggage if an airline industry recommendation for smaller carry-on bags takes hold.
Flights In And Out Of Eastern U.S. To Slowly ResumeAir travel across the country is expected to slowly resume after hundreds of flights were canceled due to Monday night's snowstorm.
How To Survive A Long FlightMake a few plans ahead of time and pack accordingly to ensure you survive your upcoming long flight.
NORAD Jets Taking Part In Training Exercises Over Central ValleyThe jets are taking part in North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) training exercises, according to a statement from NORAD. The aircraft will be flying between Bishop and Sacramento between 9-11 a.m., practicing interception and identification procedures.
Republican Lawmakers Call For Travel Ban From West Africa Amid Ebola FearsWarning that Americans are losing faith in their government's ability to stop Ebola, Republican lawmakers on Thursday pressed for a ban on travel to the U.S. from the West African outbreak zone. The White House said other measures are more effective.
Uncovered: The Best Time To Buy The Cheapest Plane TicketA recent study pinpoints the best time to buy the cheapest airline tickets. Read on for tips on booking your next vacation on a budget.
East Coast Storm Causing Flight Delays Across The CountryThe majority of flights scheduled to leave Newark Liberty Airport have been canceled as a winter storm moves up the East Coast.
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