18 Flu-Related Deaths Have Been Recorded In California Since SeptemberHealth officials say the flu is reaching levels in California usually seen later in the season.
Flu Is Getting An Early Start In The U.S. This Season, CDC SaysCalifornia is one of three states experts say is seeing widespread flu activity.
CDC: Flu Season May Not Have Peaked, Another Wave Of Severe Infections UnderwayFlu activity remains high across the nation, and there's a second wave of severe infections striking some states.
Most Parents Still Rely On Myths To Avoid ColdsAs with many other aspects of parenting, when it comes to preventing colds, most parents trust the advice passed down by their own parents and grandparents.
Flu Shot May Be More Effective Than Nasal Vaccine, Study SaysWhen it comes to vaccinating yourself -- or your kids -- against the flu, there are two options in the United States: a traditional shot or a nasal spray.
CDC Warns About Flu-Like Respiratory VirusThe Centers for Disease Control has put out a warning about RSV or respiratory syncytial virus. Doctors say RSV can mimic the symptoms of the flu or a cold, but for some people, it can be much more serious.
Flu Activity Increasing; How Can You Tell The Difference Between The Flu And A Cold?Flu activity in the United States remains low overall, but it is increasing. In California, the flu activity level is considered minimal, with several counties in the Bay Area and Southern California reporting elevated activity.
Dogs May Be Next Source Of Deadly Flu Pandemics, Study FindsA new report is now warning that the next deadly flu pandemic may be carried by dogs.
University Offers $3,500 To Get Sick And Stay At 'Hotel Influenza'St. Louis University is willing to fund your vacation under one condition: you have get sick and agree to stay at "Hotel Influenza."
Bill Gates Commits $12 Million To Help Find A Universal Flu VaccineAfter a devastating flu season around the world, Bill Gates is joining the search for a universal vaccine for the potentially deadly virus.
Flu Experts Call For New Vaccines, Drugs And DiagnosticsThe influenza virus continues to change and can develop high levels of resistance against the single USDA-approved antiviral.