'The Dollar Sign Just Stayed Low': Rancho Cordova Gas Station Glitch Sells Gas For 69 Cents A GallonIt happened at the Shell station on Sunrise Boulevard and White Rock Road.
AAA: Average Cost Of Gas Hits $6.36 A Gallon In SacramentoThe rising cost of oil and high demand are keeping gas prices at record-breaking levels, according to AAA.
California Gas Prices Hit $6.19 A Gallon As US Also Hits Record HighGas prices just took another big step in the wrong direction.
AAA: California's Average Gas Price Hits Record High Of $6.021 A GallonGas prices are surging to all-time highs in California – and the average price per gallon across the state has just crossed the $6 mark.
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Gov. Newsom Proposes Giving $400 To California Drivers To Help With Gas Prices SpikeGov. Gavin Newsom is proposing a $9 billion tax refund aimed at registered drivers in California, giving them $400 to help offset the recent spike in gas prices.
Republican State Lawmakers Calling For Suspension Of California's $.51 Per Gallon Gas TaxRepublican state lawmakers are calling for the suspension of California's $.51 per gallon tax on gasoline amid sky-high prices, fueled, in part, by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Getting Answers: Where Does California Get Its Crude Oil, And How Reliant Is The State On Russia?According to the California Energy Commission, only 3.5 percent of California's crude oil comes from Russia. However, one expert says the stae's lack of reliance on Russian oil won't protect us from future price hikes. 
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