Plane Tickets Are About To Get More Expensive Flying to the beach may be more expensive this summer. Rising fuel prices are pressuring airline profits. That means airlines will charge higher airfare.
You'll Pay 14% More For Gas This Summer, Forecast SaysSummer driving will be more expensive this year. Thanks, OPEC.
California Considers Taxing Drivers Per Mile California is moving closer to charging drivers for every mile they drive.
Average US Gas Price Drops 7 Cents To $2.54 For RegularThe spike comes despite a jump in oil prices. The current gas price is 34 cents above where it was a year ago.
How To Save Money On Gas While TravelingWhen you're on vacation you'd rather budget those bucks on something fun, right? Here are three ways to save on fuel costs when you're out of town:
Fill Up Today, Gas Tax Goes Into Effect TomorrowGov. Jerry Brown's new gas tax kicks-in tomorrow, Nov. 1.
Drivers Beware: Gas Tax Hike Coming Nov. 1Be prepared to pay more at the gas pump next week.
Barbeque Grill Inside SUV Explodes When Woman Lights UpA Florida woman lit a cigarette, sparking an explosion of a propane barbeque grill being transported in her SUV.
Increased Gas Taxes, Vehicle Fees To Fund California Road Repair DealFuel taxes and vehicle fees are set to increase for California residents after state lawmakers passed a major transportation funding deal championed by the governor.
Ford Says Hybrid Police Car Catches Bad Guys, Saves Gas TooThe next time the cops chase you down for speeding, they could be driving a fuel-efficient gas-electric hybrid.
California Legislature Approves Tax, Fee Hike For RoadsCalifornia lawmakers on Thursday approved a $5-billion-a-year plan to boost California's gas and vehicle taxes to pay for major road repairs, handing a victory to Gov. Jerry Brown who has lobbied for years for money to fix crumbling highways and bridges.