California Highway Patrol Spent $38M Responding To ProtestsThe California Highway Patrol spent $38 million responding to recent widespread protests over racial injustice, state officials said Tuesday, bringing state agencies’ combined law enforcement costs to $63 million so far.
Guard Troops Amid Protests Cost Nearly $25M In CaliforniaIt cost nearly $25 million for California to deploy 8,000 National Guard soldiers throughout the state to assist police during protests over racial injustice inspired by the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.
Younger Voices At The Forefront Of Current Fight For Racial JusticeMore than two weeks after George Floyd died in police custody, the fight for racial justice continues. Many of the movement's leaders are among the younger generations.
Dealing With Mental Health During Protest: Therapist Recommends Finding Connection And Practicing Self-CareProtest and fallout from Floyd's death over the past weeks can be troubling for your mental health, according to therapist Destiny Robbins.
Police Condemn Armed 'Militia' Group Patrolling Businesses in OakdaleAn armed militia group was caught on camera patrolling in rural Stanislaus County Saturday.
Lawmakers Calling For Reform After Rubber Bullet Fired During Protest Injures Sacramento Woman's EyeA local mother of two says she will likely be blind in one eye because of a rubber bullet fired at her during a protest over a week ago.
California Legislative Leaders Back State 'Sleeper Hold' BanCalifornia's Assembly speaker and other key lawmakers on Monday backed making it illegal statewide for police to use a type of neck hold that blocks the flow of blood to the brain, a proposal that appears to go beyond any other state.
'We Thought Things Would Be Different': Land Park Woman Recounts Civil Rights Movement Amid George Floyd ProtestsUnrest and protest around the country mark unforgettable historic moments for generations to come, but for others, these days have been a reminder of a fight they've seen before.
Black Lives Matter Protesters Demand Action At 'Die-In' Near Mayor Darrell Steinberg's HouseIt’s officially been one week since protests over the death of George Floyd began in Sacramento and demonstrators continue the fight against police brutality.
Peaceful Protests Continue Into Weekend Around CaliforniaProtesters marched, paddled, cycled and even staged “die-ins” as outrage over the death of George Floyd expressed itself in peaceful but colorful ways around California.
Curfews Being Lifted In California Cities Amid Peaceful ProtestsCalifornia cities and counties cautiously lifted curfews after days of sporadic mayhem were replaced by peaceful protests and pledges by lawmakers to fight inequality.