Starting Tuesday, California Law Requires Drivers To Give Cyclists 3 Feet Of Space On RoadStarting Tuesday, drivers must allow a distance of three feet when passing a bicyclist. The California Highway Patrol says the easiest way to figure out how long that is would be imagining your legs sticking out of the window. If you're close enough to kick a cyclist, then you're too close.
Stockton Bank Robbery Hostage's Family Investigating Police ActionsTwo hostages were either pushed or jumped from the SUV, but Misty Holt-Singh was still in the vehicle when officers exchanged fire with her three kidnappers. Singh did not survive.
Stockton Asparagus Festival May Have Second Chance For 30th YearTony Noceti does harvest walnuts in French Camp, but he has a history of bringing beloved Stockton history back to life. In 2008, Noceti and his wife, Carol, reopened the Stockton speedway.
Southern California Homeowner Rules Conflict With Brown Lawns From Drought RestrictionsIn an attempt to get Californians to take the drought seriously, the state water board voted this week for mandatory outdoor watering restrictions that carry the threat of $500 fines.
Yolo County Officials Perplexed By Unusual Spike In Whooping Cough CasesDr. Constance Caldwell with the Yolo County Health Department is puzzled by the spike, because nearly 95 percent of kids in Yolo County public schools are vaccinated.
68 Gallons Per Day: El Dorado County Residents Forced To Cut Back On Water UsageA small California community is being forced to dramatically cut back on water, limiting residents to 68 gallons of water per person per day.
Stockton Man Says He Was 'Zombie' After Swimming In Stanislaus County ReservoirHe says his doctors at Kaiser Manteca figured out it was a waterborne bacteria that made him sick—a bacteria so dangerous they’d have to notify the proper authorities.
Sacramento International Airport Says It's Meeting Water Goals, Even With Green GrassWhen you look around the airport, you’ll see patches of green grass that looks healthy and lush. But airport authorities say it’s not because of over-irrigation, but other measures.
VA Hospital Changes Course, Allows Veteran's Service Dog To Join Him For Alcohol TreatmentArvin said his PTSD leads to him abusing alcohol, so he registered for the VA Menlo Park's 28-day Foundations of Recovery program. He was supposed to leave his San Andreas home Thursday, but the VA said his dog was not welcome.
California Home Prices Taking Hit As Lawns Turn Brown During DroughtA broker told CBS13 it can cost around $200 a month to keep even a small yard green during the drought. As a result, he’s seeing more sellers give up on watering, causing them to take a hit on the sale price.
Sacramento Woman One Step Closer To One-Way Trip To MarsShe beat out 200,000 people from around the world, and now Buck is one of 700 who could be the first to call Mars home.